Advertiser Trust Score

Posted by on 18 October, 2016

Having a high Trust Score can help you to attract more traffic and sales from our 400,000+ affiliates, simply by building up a good reputation on the network.

What is the Advertiser Trust Score?

The Advertiser Trust Score is a new feature release that offers transparency between ClickSure Community members whilst working together through ClickSure’s open network.

As an Advertiser, your Trust Score is linked to your Advertiser Profile and can be viewed by any Affiliate that opts to promote a campaign you have listed in the Marketplace, or is currently promoting one of your campaigns.

The Advertiser Trust Score feature also allows Affiliates to view how credible an Advertiser is, just as the Affiliate Trust Score allows Advertisers to view the reliability of Affiliates promoting their campaigns.

This is a genuine chance to attract much more business, so treat your score as your badge of honour! Keep it high, be proud of it and you’ll reap the benefits.

How is my Trust Score calculated?

Your Advertiser Trust Score is calculated by assessing the following four components.



Compliance verified

Each Advertiser is required to upload compliance documents, just as an Affiliate is, before becoming verified to use the network. Advertisers cannot have an active campaign live in the ClickSure Marketplace unless their documents have first been approved by the ClickSure Support Team.

Top Ten Campaigns

Points are also given based on the number of times an Advertiser’s campaign has appeared in the Top Ten offers within the marketplace.

These points are allocated based on having a Top Ten campaign in the last 30 days (+10 points), 14 days (+15 points) and 7 days (+20 points).

Consistent Payments

The Trust Score also takes into account how consistent Advertisers are with paying Affiliates on time for commissions earned by promoting their offers.

The more points you gain for this particular section, the more likely an Affiliate is to promote your campaign.

Points are allocated on the basis of making consistent payments for a period of 4 weeks (+10 points), 12 weeks (+20 points) and 26 weeks (+35 points).

Consistent Activity

The final section of the Advertiser Trust Score is based on each Advertiser account achieving the weekly dollar average for a fixed number of weeks. The consistent activity of an Advertiser is based on the weekly dollar average for all Advertiser accounts across the whole network.

Gaining points for this section shows Affiliates how well the campaigns under the Advertiser profile linked to your Trust Score are performing over a longer period of time in comparison to other Advertiser accounts on the network.

Points are allocated for maintaining consistent activity over 4 weeks (+10 points), 12 weeks (+20 points) and 26 weeks (+35 points).

Where Can You See The Trust Score On An Account?

Advertisers can view their Trust Score under the ‘My Profile’ section of their account.



Advertisers can view their Trust Score under the ‘My Profile’ section of their account.


Affiliates can view the Advertiser Trust Scores from within the Marketplace.











We hope that you like this new feature and as always welcome any feedback. If you’d like to submit any comments or questions regarding this feature please contact your account manager.