What is My Affiliate Trust Score?

Posted by on 20 October, 2016

We have recently launched a brand new feature called Affiliate Trust Score. You can view your own Affiliate Trust Score from within your account and improve your chances of promoting more offers.

This post aims to answer any questions you may have as well as providing some useful tips to help you increase your Trust Score.

So firstly, what is the Affiliate Trust Score and how is it used?

Trust Score is a point system which takes into account different aspects of your Affiliate Account and grants a score out of 100. Some Advertisers may choose to only allow Affiliates with a certain Trust Score or above to promote their offer. Advertisers will also be able to view a breakdown of the Trust Score for each Affiliate who has an action for their offer.  You can view your Trust Score from within your Affiliate Account here.

How are Trust Scores calculated?

Your Affiliate Trust Scores is calculated by taking sum of the scores that an Affiliate has achieved in the following categories:

Compliance  Verified

Each Affiliate is required to upload compliance documents, just as an Advertiser is, before becoming verified to use the network. Affiliates are unable to access campaign links from within the Marketplace when viewing offers unless their documents have first been approved by the ClickSure Support Team.

Void Rate

You will receive a score of 10/10 for Void Rate if the void rate for actions that you have made is less than 10%. If your void rate is higher than 20% you will receive a score of 0 for this category. Accounts with void rates between 10 and 20% will be awarded a score on a scale between 0 and 10, for example if your void rate is 15%, your score for this category will be 5.

Active Payment

Up to 10 points are also available once your payee details have been added to your account. 5 points are awarded once your payee details are added to your account and pending, with a further 5 points awarded once your payee details have been revised by the ClickSure Support Team and set to active.

Consistent Activity

The 55 points available for Consistent Activity and Super Affiliate Status rely on a dynamic value known as ‘Weekly $ Average’. This is calculated by the system based on an accounts current performance in comparison with all other Affiliate Accounts on the network. You will receive Consistent Activity points if you earn the Weekly $ Average for the previous 4, 12 or 26 weeks.

Super Affiliate

The Weekly $ Average for Super Affiliates is set substantially higher and points will be awarded if an Affiliate consistently earns the Super Affiliate Weekly $ Average for 26 and 52 weeks.

How can you increase your Trust Score?

The easiest way to start improving your Trust Score is to check your Compliance and Payment Status. Once your documents and payment details have been approved you will have a solid foundation of 35 points. The next step is to look at your account activity and void rate. The easiest way to boost both of these scores is to ensure that you are sending high quality traffic to your Affiliate links.

As always, if you have any questions relating to your account or Trust Score our Affiliate Support Team are on hand to assist.