Product Owners: Have You Considered Affiliate Marketing To Drive More Sales?

Posted by on 1 November, 2016

As a product owner you know, traffic is the lifeblood of your business, because without it you don’t have a business, right? And you also know that not all traffic is created equal, so it can be a grind.

So many different sources, results and obviously completely different ROI’s depending on the source.

With that in mind, I’d like to talk about a certain kind of traffic that ticks all the boxes as the Holy Grail of traffic and if you’ve overlooked it, you’re going to be kicking yourself.

So . . . how about a traffic source which is:

  • Targeted to your niche, as it comes from websites within your niche.
  • Pre-qualified, so when they arrive on your website, you know they are obviously at least interested in what you’re selling.
  • Pre-warmed, as your product will already be familiar to them.
  • Extremely cost effective . . . you don’t pay for the traffic, you only pay when a sale is made.

Most traffic sources are none of these things and you have to pay up front without knowing what your return will be. And that’s not good. Affiliate traffic however is the exact opposite and can add a quantum shift to your business, as the results can be huge.

Let’s look a little closer at these benefits:

Do You Want More Sales?

Targeted Traffic

Think about it. Affiliates work in niches and when they work in your niche, any traffic they send you is TARGETED. And that is a huge factor in increasing your conversions. If you’re selling a “How to earn online” product for instance and you’re promoted by an affiliate on their “How to earn online” blog, it doesn’t get more targeted.

Pre-Qualified Traffic

When affiliate traffic arrives on your website, it’s pre-qualified, so they know where they are clicking through to, and you know they are obviously at least interested in what you’re selling. Once again this has a massive effect on your conversion rate, as ‘general’ or untargeted traffic converts notoriously low.

Pre-Warmed Traffic

A good affiliate will also ‘pre-sell’ your product in their post and warm the visitor up, ready for when they arrive at your website. So they will either present a problem which is solved by your product, or compare your product, along with a handful of others in a product comparison/review.

The important thing is, the visitors are already familiar with your product, before they arrive at your website. Pre-warmed, pre-qualified visitors convert much higher, simply because you don’t usually click through to a product site, after reading the affiliates blurb, unless you are at least interested in buying.

Cost Effective Traffic

What’s more cost effective than ONLY paying when you make a sale? There’s no outlay beforehand and you simply set your commission rate to suit your business.

Free Subscribers

Yet another upside related to this, is the fact that if you have an opt-in form/email capture on your site, with affiliate traffic you’re building your list for free. A percentage of the visitors will sign up to your list, even if they don’t buy from your salespage.

Now, you can follow up to get the sale AND you can continue to sell other products to them via your autoresponder. No initial outlay, no paying before results, free list building and multiple chances to sell to the same traffic . . . what could be better?

And there’s one more HUGE benefit from affiliate traffic . . .

If you are buying PPC traffic to your product site from Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook etc visitors arrive at your site undecided if your product is right for them, so they will often go and search Google again to learn more about your product.

The great thing about affiliates is that they build out your product landscape in the search engines, meaning when people search for your product, thanks to affiliates they’ll find positive reviews regarding your product.

This is important because people interested in your product will search for reviews and proof that they are about to spend their money wisely.

Just take a look at this example product in ClickSure.

Out of the first 8 results in google, 6 are affiliate review sites, which means tons of positivity surrounding the product, resulting in more sales. You simply can’t achieve this successfully without affiliates.


This example could be your product in Google, with a little help from affiliates. Lots of rankings, more traffic, more sales. And remember something else . . . without affiliates, all your sales come from your own work. Building social profiles, satellite sites, writing content, or a huge PPC bill, with uncertain results.

It’s all you, your time, your effort, or you have to pay for traffic with PPC, media buys, Facebook etc.

Here’s another example, in the Gambling niche . . . Pots Of Luck.

Once again it’s full of affiliate website reviews. ALL free traffic for the owners of Pots Of Luck!


Wow! All of those affiliate sites are pointing at Pots Of Luck, bringing all that traffic, without the Pots Of Luck owners lifting a finger.

How would you like your product at the top of the Google Adwords results too?

Have you seen the Pay Per Click cost for Health and Gambling keywords? Many of the top keywords for Gambling are over £100 per click, so being at the top of the Adwords results would bring in a ton of sales, but it’s going to cost you.

Or is it . . . .



The top 2 Adwords results for ‘Hosting’, which according to Wordstream is ranked as the 9th most expensive PPC keyword, are both affiliate sites. This is the top result . . .



As you can see, it’s a review site, so the hosting brands listed on the site aren’t paying for the ad. The affiliate is. But the hosting sites get the traffic.

And that’s the best part of all this. It means as a product owner, you don’t pay for any of this traffic, you only pay your set amount commission, when the affiliate makes a sale.

That’s amazing, don’t you think? It makes it so easy to plan and ramp up your business, without worrying about the huge traffic costs.

Imagine the difference this could make to YOUR business, if you tapped into the power of what I’ve just demonstrated in these 3 examples.

And with affiliate traffic, you set up and automate the process of links, payments etc and then it should run like a well-oiled machine. Affiliates find your product, sign up as an affiliate, grab their link, start promoting . . . and you get extra sales and sign-ups.

Maybe you’ve considered affiliate traffic for your product, but the burden of dealing with affiliates and the extra investment in tech and the time, has put you off.

Or maybe it’s the cost, time and effort it would take setting your affiliate program up, without knowing the return, which has put you off, so you’ve put it on the back burner for now.

What if you could benefit from the huge amounts of new traffic affiliates can bring you, without the hassle and cost of setting up your own program?

Have you thought about plugging your product into an already established affiliate program?

If you did, you’d almost instantly, have your product in front of 1000’s of affiliates ready to promote for you. And all the benefits above are switched on for your business.

Come and join us at ClickSure and we’ll show you the power of affiliate marketing. The leverage it gives you to drive sales is unmatched and it’s almost hands off, making it so easy to blend into your business.