Don’t Just Sell To Your Visitors, Try Helping Them Instead.

Posted by on 3 November, 2016

Whether you’re an affiliate or a product owner you can be tempted to scream “BUY ME NOW!” in all your content, but this would be a mistake.

People in general do not want to be ‘Sold’, they want to ‘Buy’, meaning they’ll make their own mind up thank you very much. It’s far easier to help people in your niche, solve the problems they may be having.

Be a mentor and a friendly trainer and you’re much more likely to win your visitors trust and keep them coming back. That means extra chances to promote your products or links to affiliate products.

Give some thought to what it is you’re offering and always try to add value. People are looking for useful info, so find the products and resources that can help them the most, offer great value and where possible have lots of good testimonials for added proof.

The good news is there are techniques you can use to help guide your visitors into making their own mind up, in favour of the products you’re promoting. In fact there’s a brilliant way to do this and it’s really simple to do.

We call it the ‘Make It Easier Method’

In order to get someone to buy something, you have to show that it can solve their problem, speed things up or make their life better in some way, right?

You’ve obviously heard that before, but there’s a way you can easily do all 3 by adding a certain kind of content to your website or blog.

It’s very simple but amazingly effective.

In a post on your blog, show your visitors how to do something in detail.

Make sure it’s a solution to a problem within your niche. Take your time, lay it out for them and make it complete, so they can go off and do it on their own.

The trick is to then find an affiliate product which makes the solution more powerful, faster or easier.

For instance . . .

Let’s say you’re in the ‘Make Money Online’ niche and you write a post about one of the best ways to get traffic to a blog, a Facebook Fanpage. It’s childsplay to find the details of how to set one up and re-write in your own words really quickly. You haven’t got to go into 1000’s of words but lay it out in steps with a few images.

Clicksure fanpage

So you might start by telling your visitors:

  • Why Facebook is so good for getting traffic, mainly because it’s so targeted and there are so many things you can post or repost, including links to great articles, memes, videos, quotes, tips . . . the list goes on.
  • A fanpage is online real estate in its own right and you can sell from there but it’s best to use it as a funnel, straight to your money posts on your main website/blog.
  • Here’s how simple it is to set it up and the kinds of things to have on it.
  • Here’s how to manage it day to day, find content, scheduling posts, adding links etc.

You can then repeat how effective it is and that they now have all they need to do it for themselves.

But . . .

What if you could show them a way to get all the benefits much faster and cut their work down to 15 minutes a week, by using this amazing plugin which they set up just once and it automatically fills their fanpage with relevant content?

Then you have a link to the amazing plugin, which is obviously your affiliate link. You tell them they don’t have to have this plugin, they can do it all themselves like many people do. But the smart marketers are saving time and effort by using it.

You’re genuinely helping them.

They can now build a great asset for their online business, but if they choose, they can use the same tool the smart marketers are using and get ahead of the game.

Other examples could be a post about how powerful List Building is and how to set an opt-in box on their site. Simple steps, make it easy and obviously if they want to act on this, which they should, they’ll need an autoresponder . . .

So you have a link to the best one, the one you use, most popular on forums etc, which means more commissions for you, just for giving out great free info.

Another one . . .

It can be a pain building out multiple WordPress sites, if they want to expand into new niches.

Maybe like me, they’ve found the perfect theme, set everything up as they like and realise their set up would work for any niche, with a few image changes etc.

Explain that building more sites in different niches or sub niches is a really good idea, explain that all they need as they have hosting is a new domain name for each site, but it can be time consuming.

However, this WP Clone plugin, literally ‘clones’ your finished WP site, zips it up and can be quickly re-uploaded to other domains in a few clicks.

All they have do is login to their new site, swap out the branding and content and they’re away with another site. It takes minutes rather than days of messing around.


End the article with your affiliate link to the product. Simple.

Another good example would be in the Health niche, maybe a fat burning post. You could explain that recent research has found a chemical in a certain foodstuff which seems to burn fat more rapidly. Don’t worry, if you’re in the health niche you’ll be keeping your ear to the ground on new developments.

Or you should be.

So if you read something regarding this kind of news, you can post about it and add a link to a brand new formula which uses this new nutrient. You see how easy it is? There’s a world of info out there you can grab and use as brilliant lead ins to certain affiliate products.

A great example of this in the health niche would be Turmeric.

It’s rapidly gathering a following for all kinds of health problems. However, what many people don’t know is that the main active ingredient apparently responsible for Turmeric effectiveness, is called Curcumin.

There are now Curcumin supplements with affiliate programs.

So you could read up on Turmeric, tell them the main facts, new research etc, then explain that instead of chugging spoonfuls of Turmeric on a daily basis, all the benefits are now available in a concentrated supplement.

Link. Bingo. See how easy it is?

Don’t make it complicated. Educate, show how to do it, then add the secret sauce. These are just examples but the great thing is you can adapt this to fit virtually ANY product in ANY niche, with a little thought.

Find a problem. Give them the solution step by step. Traffic, sign ups, conversions, it doesn’t matter, as long as you can show them how to do it effectively. Then introduce the short cut.

You’re going to have to write content to be a successful affiliate, why not make sure it helps to get the click? If your site has this kind of helpful content, along with some product reviews perhaps, you’re well on your way to commission heaven.