6 Simple Content Ideas To Easily Boost Your Affiliate Site

Posted by on 5 November, 2016

Content. It can be a pain but we all need it.

Without it we have no honey to attract our bee like visitors. People use Google to look for information in their favorite niche and YOU need to be found when they do. 

For that to happen you need relevant content and lots of it. But maybe you struggle for ideas regarding what to post on your website or blog?

Well for starters, every post doesn’t have to be 1000 words long, you can mix in all kinds of useful and interesting content of different lengths. Obviously longer posts are great for the search engines and your visitors, but keep it fresh and interesting by mixing in some of the ideas below.

Here’s our list of 10 simple ideas for great content:

1: Tutorials & How To Guides

How to guides

As we’ve mentioned in other posts, tutorials and step by step guides are great ways to attract visitors to your site. They offer problem solving free content and the more you use them, the more your visitors will return to your site. 

Remember that the best way to use them is to offer a complete step by step guide, then suggest a tool, program or plugin they can buy to speed things up, make it easier etc. Link straight to the salespage with your affiliate link.

2: Product Reviews

Obviously the ‘bread and butter’ of the affiliate world, reviews can bring in lots of sales when you do them right. You can write from your own experience, use a mixture of user comments and views on forums etc, or write them straight forward using your own template for each one, so they all look familiar and easy to understand.

You’ve seen the kind of thing I mean:

  • Product name:
  • Price:
  • Manufacturer:
  • Good Points:
  • Bad points:
  • Proof:
  • Summary:

Just an example but that kind of thing. All the info you need will be on the product site or other review sites. Just remember to re-write anything you find, so it’s unique and you’re not stealing content.

3: Content Curation

Content curation is when you use other peoples content ‘as is’. Youtube videos are one example, as you can link to them but not change them.

There are a number of programs and plugins which do this for you and are worth a look to save a ton of time. You can curate articles, posts, images, videos, product listings and a number of other things. 

Best not to use this for your main content or your money pages, but can help add extra content for the search engines and to add weight to your site.

4: Niche News & Current Trends

Breaking News

A world of wonder awaits when you explore the news in your niche. Thing is, you should be reading it anyway to keep your finger on the pulse, so why not share what you find?

By sharing current news you also look like an authority in your niche, which is great from a visitor point of view. You can even create a category based on Niche News and where possible link to your money posts in your news content.

5: Lists

Lists can make great content because they are easy to write and there’s plenty of content which can be presented in list format.

  • The 10 Best Plugins For Affiliates
  • The 10 Worst Pieces of Advice For Affiliates
  • Most Popular Products ‘In Your Niche’
  • 10 Most Read Books ‘In Your Niche’
  • 10 Ways To . . .
  • 5 Methods For . . .

You get the picture. Look at what others are doing in your niche and in others. Mix em up and you have your own content.

6: Videos

Video marketing

According to studies:

  • 65% of web visitors are visual learners.
  • Videos get 267% more social media likes and shares than written text alone.
  • Sales pages with videos convert 86% better than those that only have text.

In other words, if you’re not doing so already, it’s time to start using videos in your content. You don’t have to do ‘talking head’ videos, where you are on camera, if you don’t feel comfortable.

There are other ways such as designing a presentation in Powerpoint and turning it into a video. You can use this technique for product reviews, news, lists and just about any kind of content mentioned here.

You can then post your videos to Youtube and any other popular video sites and link to them on your blog. That way they act as content for you and you may get extra traffic from video site viewers.

It’s really simple.

Just take some of these ideas and try them out for yourself. Remember that a mixture of content is good but make sure you still have your longer money posts. You still need meaty content to get ranked in the search engines, so don’t just fill your blog with videos.