Your Fast YouTube Masterclass

Posted by on 30 November, 2016

YouTube is a great way to get massive amounts of traffic for free.

It’s one of the most popular and most visited site on the internet, visited by all demographics of people all over the world everyday. You can use this to your advantage and get your piece of the pie if you use YouTube the right way.

People Go To Youtube To Watch All Sorts Of Videos.


HUGE is an understatement . . . this is Youtube

For some people, YouTube is simply entertainment. For others, they go to watch informational videos instead of reading articles while others go to see news, opinions and product reviews. Let’s take product reviews for example.

Nobody wants to buy anything online without seeing a positive review first.

You Can Use Youtube Videos To Give Positive Reviews For What You Are Selling.

Some people prefer watching a video instead of reading and YouTube is the way to take advantage of this. You can explode your traffic just by uploading a video to YouTube.

Of course, the better the video, the more traffic you’ll get.

And to get better results, upload several different videos instead of just one. You can also see which video has the most views and then you’ll know what kinds of videos are more popular and get more attention.

It can be different for different niches and markets, so trial and error is the best approach, until you know what’s effective in your niche.

For anyone with a business to market, YouTube is a powerful tool that can get you free traffic and lots of exposure. It’s completely free to sign up for a YouTube account and to upload videos and you’ll get a lot more traffic than if you put out some ad in a newspaper.

There are many different possibilities on how you can make your video.

  • You can have a simple video made from a Powerpoint presentation with what you want to say recorded on top and music added to the background.
  • If you have a camera you can also sit in front of the camera and speak to your audience. You should put your website link at the bottom of the video so the viewer can see your website all throughout the video.
  • You can take product images or video and show the benefits or detailed info regarding the product. If you have testimonials which you can use, add them in as they are powerful conversion aids.

YouTube also has a tool for the people who upload videos. It’s called Simply Measured (YouTube Analytics).


So much info at your fingertips

You can find out how many views your videos have had, the geographics and demographics of your viewers and how many times your video has been embedded, and how people are finding your video.

Are they finding directly on YouTube or on another site that it was embedded on?

The tool is not 100% accurate but it does give you a good idea, and can help you improve future videos to get more viewers and more traffic.

If someone really likes your video, they will share it with friends, post it on forums and embed it into their own site or blog.

For best results for your YouTube video have:

  • A good title with your main keywords in it
  • A good description with your keywords in it

You will be helping your video to rank higher in the YouTube search results this way.

If you are unwilling or unable to make and upload a video, but still want to take advantage of the power of Youtube, then simply outsource. There are people who are great at making Youtube videos and you can hire them to do it.

All you have to do is tell them what your requirements are, and then watch the traffic come to your site.

Check out if you’d like any kind of outsourcing done, including video production.


You can also find people to do this at sites such as:

You can also outsource people to watch your video, rate your video, and comment on your video, especially on

This is very helpful for making your videos get more views. Remember, the more views a video gets, and the more ratings and comments it gets, the more often it will end up being viewed. It’s a bit of a snowball effect.

Don’t forget to put plenty of text in your description! This can help your video get traffic from search engines, which can be instrumental in getting your video even more views.