Don’t Overlook The Power Of Email Marketing

Posted by on 6 December, 2016

Whether you’re an affiliate or product owner, once your website is up and running everything revolves around getting as much targeted traffic as possible.

Good, targeted traffic can be expensive, so why on earth would you waste it? Believe me, if you aren’t collecting emails and building a list on your site, you ARE wasting it.

Most marketers agree that the ROI for email marketing is better than social media, PPC and content marketing. And studies show that 66% of online consumers buy something through an email marketing message they receive.

You’ve heard the phrase “The money is in the list” and that’s become a cliché, simply because it’s true.


Think about it . . .

You pay to get visitors to your site. Even free search engine traffic has a cost. Your time and effort. Writing content takes time, as does social media management and research, not to mention if you outsource your content.

So there’s actually no such thing as free traffic. And paid traffic can soon add up, especially when you first start using it and the worst thing is you get one shot to sell and you’ll probably never see the visitor again.

However, how would you like to pay just once for a visitor, but have more than one chance to sell to them, or at least a percentage of them?

That’s exactly what you get when you build a list.

Visitors arrive at your website and take a look around. Usually that’s it, your one chance. But when you have an ‘opt-in’ on your site, maybe in exchange for a valuable special report, some of your visitors are going to opt in and go straight on your list of subscribers.

As long as you collect emails through a legitimate online autoresponder, you then have permission to follow up with emails to them, further promoting your product.

Do you think you’d stand more chance of making a sale, if your visitors saw your pitch more than once? Of course you would.

Not only that but you also get a chance to sell them something else in the form of a One Time Offer. As soon as they’ve subscribed you send them to a OTO page where you pitch something else, equally appealing to your niche. Or, you can offer a discount, One Time Only obviously, on your main product.

We’ve all bought OTO’s before haven’t we?

one time offer
They’re very powerful and can have excellent conversion rates, whether you’re promoting your own stuff or you’re an affiliate promoting for commission. It’s all extra, easy income.

Also, once you have a list, even if you’re a product owner, you can ‘list swap’ and promote for other people, while they promote your product to their list. This can be a great way to get extra sales AND new, targeted subscribers.

If you’re going to do this just make sure you only promote quality products, from trustworthy vendors, or you’ll lose the trust of your subscribers. And that’s the last thing you want.

So how do you set this up?

It’s simple to set up and very cost effective.

Use one of the big trusted autoresponders online. They are ‘whitelisted’ with the ISP’s and big email companies, so they have delivery rates of 97%+ usually.

You need to ensure your emails reach your subscribers, or your wasting time and money, so don’t try and set up your own on your site.

You can do this using certain plugins, but we don’t recommend it, simply because it’s hard to get the same deliverability level the big companies offer.

Try one of these three recommended services:

  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • iContact

There are different options but start with the simple account which will cover your first 500 to 1000 subscribers. As you build your list you can upgrade, as it’s a sliding cost depending how may subscribers you have.

More subscribers mean more sales, so it will pay for itself over time.


Once you have signed up you’ll get a log in and you can begin setting everything up.

Basically you design a simple form to put on your site. There are tools for this and you simply take the code you’re given once you’re happy with the design and paste it into your website sidebar or use it as a pop up.

Then you paste in a series of emails, following up on your product, which the autoresponder will send out to all your subscribers, at times you decide upon.

So once a visitor opts in, you can set it so they get a welcome email straight away and another promo email, explaining the benefits of your product, case studies, examples of how to use it etc, every day for a week.

This can be very persuasive, as you’ve probably seen, if you’re on other people’s lists yourself.

You can also send out ‘Broadcasts’ immediately to any or all of your list, if you have something new or urgent to pass on.

If you’re an affiliate you can do the same and promote the main product you’re an affiliate for, or a number of them. It’s entirely up to you. How do you get your visitors to opt-in?

Bribe them.


Offer something of value, in exchange for their email. You’ve more than likely seen lots of opt-in form and squeeze pages online.

Have you subscribed to any? If so, why? What were they offering that made you give your email?

You can get so many ideas by looking at what you’ve responded to in the past. Also you can join some more lists in your niche and take a look behind the scenes for ideas.

Maybe a checklist to save time, a special report on how to solve a problem or get something free, a time saving template for something in your niche, have a look at what others are offering and how they’re presenting it. A little research goes a long way.

Once you have your opt-in bait you can put your affiliate link in that too, with a promo at the beginning and end of your report, template whatever. Giving you even more chances to sell.

You don’t have to use a report, as another way of doing this is to offer a series of emails as an ‘e-course’ teaching them how to do something valuable.

Just make sure you offer value of some kind and you’ll gradually build your valuable list and keep them all happy.

3 HUGE tips to help you list build like a Pro

Helpful tips

1: Don’t try selling in every email.

There are 2 techniques used by email marketers, one is the churn and burn, where you get as many people as possible onto your list as possible and send emails every day trying to sell.

The unsubscribe rate for this technique is huge but the equally huge number of sign ups make up for it. However, you need a good cheap traffic source to keep the sign ups coming in and the churn and burn tactic is usually done by marketers who focus solely on list building only.

Then there’s the clever way . . .

For the average affiliate or product owner it’s much better to offer more value and keep your subscribers coming back for more. You can do this by offering useful info, links, tips and ideas for improving their life in whatever niche your in.

So for instance if you’re in the Health niche, you can find a ton of great info, tips and new research online and recycle it for your emails.

“The 3 best nutrients to burn fat”
“The latest findings on a certain superfood”
“The 6 best exercises to pack slabs of muscle on”
. . . etc etc.

Or if your niche is make money online:

“The best 3 untapped traffic sources for 2016”
“3 ways to instantly make more sales”
“The best 5 WordPress tools for affiliate marketers”

You get the picture.

It’s not difficult finding good, useful info for your niche. Keep giving your subscribers the good stuff that can help them and solve their problems and you’ll sell far more easily. They are more likely to trust you and click on your links.

2: Test your opt-in headline and blurb


People respond to different things and it’s no good presuming you have the best headline to draw subscribers in. You need to test and keep testing, till you find a winner.

It may be nothing like you thought.

Also remember that the purpose of the subject line is to get the reader to open the email, so don’t use it to try and sell. And if you are an affiliate sending to a salespage in the email, just pre-sell a little and build up the excitement, as the salespage will do the brunt of the selling for you.

3: Test your opt-in bait

Try different opt-in freebies to see how they affect conversions. You may find something that people love and you’ll build your list faster. Testing the combination of blurb and bait can yield incredible results when you get it right.

And all it costs you is time.

Although you can look at what others are doing in your niche, don’t be afraid to try something different, as long as it’s still relevant and useful.

Finally . . . we’ll help you all the way.

At ClickSure we believe in nurturing our affiliates and advertisers, so if you need help with any of this, talk to our account managers and they’ll help you get started with building your email list. It doesn’t take long to set up, it works immediately and when done right you’ll profit from it for years to come.

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