10 Simple & Proven Website Monetization Tips

Posted by on 22 December, 2016

While you struggle, some people seem to ace conversions and have a knack of producing great results, even though they seem to be doing the same as you. 

Take a closer look however and you’ll see they are working methodically and sticking to the golden monetisation and conversion boosting rules.

Some of these may seem obvious, but many affiliates and even advertisers are missing out by approaching their online business in a rough and ready kind of way.

Online marketing has been around now for over 20 years, so why shoot blindly in the dark when you can use the collective knowledge of the most successful marketers, put it to use on your sites and reap the rewards?

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Here are 10 things you can do to flatten your learning curve, monetise like the big guns and boost your results like a Boss:

1: Test Venues

Not all monetization venues will work well with all sites.

It is crucial to tweak, test and measure conversion rates with different ad styles, ad placements and landing page designs to find those that make you the most money without having negative effects on your site.

2: Relevance Only

One of the biggest mistakes that both publishers and affiliates make is to promote irrelevant products and offers on their site.

Always make sure that anything you promote is directly related to your site’s niche otherwise the conversions will be low or non-existent.

3: Don’t Wait To Monetise


Some advocate waiting to monetize a site until it has traffic or subscribers in the case of blogs.

This can be a mistake because it prolongs the testing process, and also because it’s best to let returning visitors get used to the ads on the site, instead of them suddenly popping up where they will stick out like a sore thumb.

4: Banners Aint The Bomb

You can place affiliate banners on your site for related products, or what actually works better most of the time, since many Web surfers have become immune to banners, is to do product reviews and embed your affiliate links within the content.

This is also a good strategy because it allows for the targeting of long tail keywords, such as, actual product names. Long tails are usually much less competitive to target for organic rankings and can attract very targeted traffic that yields higher conversion rates.

5: Reviews Always Work

Some of the best conversions for affiliate products and your own products come from detailed reviews that include the how, when, why and what of the product.

Make sure the reviews are well written, provide the reader with a lot of information and also clearly define how it solves the particular problem.

This method converts best because it makes the offer irresistible, and once it is so they will buy, we all do.

6: Build Trust

Trust is a huge factor in affiliate conversions when promoting affiliate products and services on a traditional blog.

By traditional I mean a site that is created with blogging in mind, where you the blogger want to connect to an audience with regularly published posts and are actively seeking subscribers versus a money site that simply uses WordPress as a Content Management System, where the target is the passing search engine surfer that will click on a link or an add and will likely not return to your site.

Trust is critical on blogging sites because it is that trust that often earns more money than anything else.

So, choose your promotions carefully, do not recommend products that you are not sure about, or those that you know are crappy just to get a commission. This same trust approach holds true in email marketing as well.

7: Use Video. It Works

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Videos see 80% better conversions than text on sales pages, so consider making video reviews for products you are promoting.

And, posting these on YouTube, and other top video submission sites, gives you viable sources of new traffic to your sites and to affiliate offers that can increase sales exponentially.

8: Careful With The Monetisation

Don’t over monetize. Often you will see sites that are so convoluted with ads, banners, contextual links and the like that you cannot decipher the content from the ads.

Not only is this a big issue since the Google Panda update, which penalizes sites with a high ad to content ratio, but, it will turn off users and may not really yield the results you’re looking for.

9: Always Use CTA’s

Make sure the call to action is clearly defined on your landing pages.

The call to action is simply what you want the audience to do, in the case of monetization it maybe to click the link to go to the merchant’s site for affiliate offers or to click an Adsense Ad.

The call to action should stand out, for example, Adsense ads and affiliate links should be of a color that contrasts with the site’s font color.

10: Focus On Quality Traffic

And, last, but never least is the simple fact that to make any kind of real money you need traffic.

Conversion rates are typically considered excellent at 3- 5%, so do the math, and focus on driving the most traffic possible.

Hopefully you can see these all make perfect sense and they don’t take too much extra work to implement. Once you do start using them, the results you get will ensure any extra effort was more than worth it.

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