Why The Gambling Niche Holds a World Of Opportunity For Affiliates

Posted by on 3 January, 2017

There are 100’s if not 1000’s of niches for affiliates to promote in. However, some stand out more than others in terms of opportunity, popularity and earning power.

Growth is another factor to take into account, as you don’t want to set up to promote, only to find the niche fading before your very eyes.

That’s not going to happen with the online gambling niche.

It’s growing year on year, with huge growth in the mobile sector . . .

What’s especially exciting is the fact that online gambling has already gone through a ton of regulation, with more to come in new regions across the globe.

This means that more and more people feel safer knowing there are procedures in place to protect them when they gamble online, so it’s no longer perceived as the risky proposition it once was.

It’s really easy to promote too, as gambling companies spend a fortune on marketing and promotion, with glossy, expensive, well tested, high converting landing pages, for you to drive your ‘hungry for excitement’ traffic to.

Many casinos offer deposit bonuses, free spins and various other offers, which all help you to convert your traffic easily and grow your commission cheques.

Obviously over the last few years, mobile gambling has grown hugely and casino brands are jumping on this bandwagon wholeheartedly, with mobile specific sites, which include the same rich gaming experience.

And as internet access via mobile has gone through the roof over the last year, with the rise of big screened phones and more people accessing on the go, casino players have also embraced gambling via their mobile devices.

What about the competition?

Many affiliates worry about the competitiveness of a niche and wonder if they’ll be able to grab a slice of the market, especially in the huge niches such as Gambling.

The thing to remember is the more competition a niche has, the more lucrative it is.

You would have to pay almost $100 per click for certain keywords in the Gambling niche, which at first seems terrifying, but it just shows how much money there is in this niche, as people are actually paying $100 to get a single click.

Remember however, there are many other ways to get traffic without spending $1000’s on PPC and the payouts are the same, no matter how much you spent to get your traffic.

Are you experienced enough?

A problem that can occur if you’re new to affiliate marketing, is that some of the big online gambling brands may reject you as an affiliate until you are more experienced and are ready to drop huge $ on your campaigns.

However, at ClickSure we have a host of great gambling offers from the biggest names in the industry, that you can begin promoting immediately, as a ClickSure member.

Think of it as VIP access to some of the best affiliate offers online.

Our offer list reads like the who’s who of online gambling!

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