The Health Niche: Is There A More Perfect Market?

Posted by on 12 January, 2017

The Health niche is quite simply epic. There are so many people buying health and fitness related products, there’s room for everyone in this incredibly diverse niche.

Here’s our funky little Health Niche Infographic, to give you a snapshot of its size, scope and opportunity:

health niche infographic

Over the last 10 years or so, the health niche has exploded in popularity

As more and more people grow disillusioned with traditional healthcare and go online looking for alternative solutions to their health problems.

People have become a lot more health conscious and they’re willing to put the work in, if they find the right information to make it simple for them.

In fact it’s gone far beyond a ‘normal’ niche and has developed into more of a lifestyle choice. People get passionate about their health and lives and breathe this stuff and its popularity is growing every year.

It’s become so big in fact, that more and more companies and corporations are putting money into education and product development, which means there are lots of great new products to promote that can help people.

There are even big start-up companies coming out of Silicon Valley who have gone as far as developing full on food replacements!

Very futuristic but for real and it shows the public’s interest in total health, when these companies invest $MILLIONS into these complete foods, such as ‘Soyalent’ in the USA and ‘Huel’ in the UK.

A Ton of Products

There are now 1000’s of health based products, both digital and physical, available online for affiliates to promote.

  • Digital products include in-depth guides, video sets, workbooks, exercise plans and diet plans
  • Physical products such as supplements, vitamins, exercise equipment and clothing
  • A variety of high and low ticket items, along with plenty of monthly recurring income products.

Supplements in particular are a great product for recurring income as they are consumable, used long term and need to be regularly reordered, so you can get paid every month from the same visitor, when they continue to order.

There are many more great examples in this niche to add recurring income to your business.

You can help people to solve their health problems

Worried Anxiety Women Embarrassment Teenage Girls Teenager Emotional Stress

Another great thing about the health niche is that you’re genuinely helping people.

So many people have health problems or just want to improve their overall health and fitness. By promoting high quality offers that actually help, you can get a kick from helping people.

Health buyers are getting very switched on and will do their research via forums and niche based blogs.

And once their research zero’s in on certain products, they look for product reviews, which presents the perfect opportunity for affiliates.

The Health niche is ideal for affiliate review sites, which usually convert really well because you meet your visitor at the ‘buying’ stage. If they’re looking for a review of a certain product, it means they are aware of the product and they’re ready to buy.

Might as well be through your link!

A Huge Variety of Sub Niches

Healthy Fit Diet Activity Sport Lifestyle Purpose Concept

We’re talking 100’s of sub-niches, including:

Overall fitness:

Work outs, supplements, equipment, training guides, clothing, Apps, online memberships etc.


Huge supplement market, diet guides and plans, equipment, Apps, online memberships etc.

Body Building:

Huge supplement market, diet guides and plans, equipment, clothing, Apps, online memberships etc.

Specific Ailments:

Guides relating to things like Diabetes, Leaky Gut, Anxiety, Acne, Depression, Back problems etc. In fact if an ailment exists, there’s more than likely an affiliate product to cater for it.

Detox and Anti-Aging:

Booming market with a stack of products including supplements and guides on detoxing, anti-aging, testosterone boosting etc.

There are lots more and all present great opportunities for affiliates of all levels.

Don’t Miss Out . . .

The perfect trifecta for any niche are (1) tons of varied affiliate products at different price points, (2) visitor buying intent and (3) plenty of traffic. The Health niche has all 3.

It’s perfect for review sites, informative sub niche blogs and as virtually everyone is a potential customer, social media promotion such as Facebook Fanpages work great too.

There’s a ton of in depth, up-to date info online for every aspect of the health niche too, making it easy to spin and repurpose for your own content.

If you’re looking for the perfect niche to begn your affiliate journey, or looking to expand your current sites, the health niche is a great choice.

If you would like to get started or have questions regarding any health offers you can contact the product owners directly through the ClickSure marketplace, or contact your ClickSure Affiliate Managers and they’ll be happy to help you.


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  • Bhupendra Singh

    can i start bloggin on health in general or is it necessary for me to go down to a specic sub-niche?

    • sumaiya

      Hi Bhupendra,

      Thanks for your message!

      You can start blogging about the health topic, however it’s a huge niche and there are many different areas that you can cover… hence why we recommend to start off with sub-niches.. So you can then build up your blog with various sub-niches in the health industry.

      With sub-niches you would also be able to target your audience better as you would know exactly what products your customers are looking for in the health industry.

      We hope this information helps

      Add me on skype if you would like to discuss this topic further!

      Skype ID: clicksure-sumaiya