Launch of Vikings MMO Game on ClickSure

Posted by on 15 February, 2017

MMO gaming will account for 31% of the Global Games Market by 2018. Currently they have a yearly revenue of $2.9 billion with 50 million users in the US alone – Now that is HUGE!

MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games are a huge, hot industry right now. Players can immerse themselves in huge online fantasy worlds that can support tens of thousands of players simultaneously playing with each other.

The games – usually free to join and play – are easily accessible for players through their browsers, or easily downloaded as apps or desktop programs.

Best of all.. its a great opportunity for Affiliates!

  • Fun and exciting content for their websites
  • Games are graphical and exciting so easy to grab visitors attention
  • The games are free to play – so converting a user is easy!

We’re excited to announce the launch of one of the newest and most exciting games in the MMO niche:

Vikings: War of Clansvikings 1

Welcome to the ruthless world of Vikings, where freedom, power, fear and violence reign supreme. You must lead brave warriors into battle, conquer the world and prove your might against players from all over the world.

The superb graphics, compelling story and dynamic battles will have you hooked from the moment you start playing.

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Top Performing CountriesUS, AT, DE, CH,                  Payout: CPL $3


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Few shots from the mighty Viking World


Build an impregnable fortress in the never-ending frost


Equip your warriors with weapons, ammunition and siege engines

Draft a mighty army to fend off your bitterest enemies

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With all the competition out there, there’s no doubt that it isn’t hard to get into this niche… but with some careful planning and strategy you can go a long way and reap the rewards in no time.

You need to be creative with the content you publish as you want your customers to be interested in not only playing the games, but subscribing as well.

You also need to be smart with link building and make sure you drive only quality traffic to your site to maximise your chances of generating sales.

If you haven’t signed up to ClickSure yet… then what are you waiting for? Sign up today and jump into this world of warriors.


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