Simple Ways To Build-Up Your Email Marketing List

Posted by on 28 February, 2017

Email subscriber lists can be extremely valuable to a business as it can be the main source of traffic and sales for a product.

The trick to email marketing is to provide your customers with good value content in order to avoid the spam filters, as that is where a lot of emails do end up.

We’ve listed some great tips on how you can build your email marketing list for FREE!


Offer sign up forms on your website

Once you have created a website you need to add a form for visitors to opt-in to a newsletter, this will be the first step to starting your mailing list. It’s pretty simple to set up as many content management systems offer free newsletters plugins.

Add an unsubscribe link at the end

Always give the customers the option to opt out. It can be a way of showing to the customers that you aren’t forcing them to be there or to buy your product. Also, gives them the sense of freedom and control over the email.

Offer an exclusive deal or weekly newsletters if they sign up

By providing incentives for visitors to sign-up can be a great way to reel them in. You can give them the opportunity to take part in a survey or enter a competition.

Deliver value content

The key to grow an email list is to always provide your customers and subscribers with good quality content; information that is useful and interesting to read.


Provide options to share

Always encourage your subscribers to share and forward the emails to their friends and family. This is an easy way to expand your reach and to gain more visitors to your site. You can include simple social sharing buttons or an ‘Email to a Friend’ button in your marketing emails.

Create multiple subscription types

Allow subscribers to choose what type of emails they would like to receive. This way you can send more targeted emails to the recipients and increase the open rate of your emails. It will also prevent the emails ending up in the spam folder.

Use auto-responders

Create auto responder emails to send to all your new subscribers to say thank you for joining. This would suggest that you have acknowledged their interest in your website, plus it’s an opportunity to showcase what you will be offering your subscribers.

Social media

Take advantage of the free social media handles available. Sign up to Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform to create pages where users can sign up to your newsletters.

Following the above tips will surely help you kick-start your email marketing list, and remember… as your list grows… so will your revenue!

Email marketing is a great effective method of turning leads into sales so try to invest some time into creating quality email content for your subscribers.