ClickSure Now in Partnership with Adzooma

Posted by on 8 March, 2017

We’re excited to announce that Adzooma has now become a recommended partner of ClickSure.

The partnership introduces a brand-new tool to ClickSure affiliates allowing them to gain full insight and ability to optimise their marketing performance.

ClickSure Adzooma

One simple interface to improve your performance on ClickSure

There has always been a disconnect for affiliates when sending visitors from their site to a merchants and not knowing which traffic source, ad or search term generated the sale or lead.  Current solutions tend to be either complex, time consuming and too expensive.

As a result, it is almost impossible to effectively optimise traffic resulting in wasted marketing spend and negative ROI’s.

Introducing Adzooma…

Our partnership with Adzooma provides a sophisticated and easy to use tracking solution for our 460,000 affiliates enabling them to analyse and optimise their marketing investment and to maximise ROI’s.

Ben Marshall, Communications Manager of ClickSure says…

I am delighted to introduce such a simple but powerful tool to our affiliates.  In recent months we have seen a surge in native advertisers join the network as well as many affiliates crying out for an effective tool to manage all of their activity in one central location, Adzooma does exactly this.

What does Adzooma offer our Affiliates?

Adzooma offers the only tracking solution to provide full integration with the leading native advertising networks, a traffic source which has been very fruitful for ClickSure affiliates in recent months.

Adzooma integrates easily with Yahoo Gemini, RevContent and Outbrain, allowing streamlined campaign management and optimisation across multiple platforms.

tracking adzooma

Advanced Optimasation tools available

The platform also offers a host of essential features including real-time analytics & in-depth reporting, advanced traffic segmentation, A/B split testing and optimisations, built-in tracking, along with optimisation tools and simple integration.

Future of Adzooma with ClickSure

The digital marketing arena has become increasingly competitive and expensive in recent years.  It is essential that digital marketers have the required tools to ensure that they can gain maximum insight into their visitors and revenues.

The Adzooma platform comes at a perfect time for ClickSure affiliates, allowing them to harness a significant competitive advantage via enhanced insight. Click here to find out more!

Watch this space for more partnerships being announced soon!