What is Native Advertising?

Posted by on 10 March, 2017

Native Advertising is the trending traffic driving strategy in digital marketing today.

In simple terms, Native advertising is a type of online advertising that matches the content of the page on which it appears on.

People seem to ignore the adverts we see on our web pages as they always seem to be unrelated to the page or annoying pop-ups that just don’t seem to go away.

…But this where Native ads are different… Because they don’t look like normal adverts, they are less likely to be over seen as they blend into the environment of the platform.

Native ads have been cleverly developed to look and sound like the editorial content, stuff that entertains, informs or inspires.

This ultimately leads to a higher chance of the ads being watched and read and also a chance the customer would build trust with the brand.

Types of Native Advertising

There are 3 main types of native ads…

  • Sponsored content – Many huge brands are using their articles and videos to publish on websites such as Buzzfeed and Business Insider that is designed similar to the editorial content.
  • Recommended content – Website owners are always looking at ways of bringing new visitors in and to keep visitors on their website to turn them into followers/subscribers.

The best way to recommend content for a particular visitor is to personalise content for them based on their interests and likes. Many websites use this feature to keep their customers browsing on their site.

  • In-Feed Social ads – In-feed social ads is where we recommend you should start off from with native advertising. This is simply because they are cheap and easy to set up. You would see these type of adverts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

ClickSure Native Advertising

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So is Native Advertising any good?

The answer to that question is yes!  In this advertising-saturated world, customers have become savvier when they see adverts online, they can easily recognise adverts and would avoid it at all costs. This is where native advertising comes in… yes you may think it sounds a bit sketchy and as though it is tricking consumers into clicking on the advert… but as the native adverts are tailored around the editorial content, it would be more appealing to the customer.

All the adverts are clearly labelled as ‘sponsored’ or ‘promoted’ so customers are informed of where the content is coming from.

Why go Native?

Simply because it gets attention which ultimately leads to clicks. Research from a study by Sharethrough and IPG Media, 25% more consumers look at native ad placements more than traditional banner ads.

Not many Advertisers know much about Native advertising, which is why it is important you get the know-how, keeping you one step ahead of your competitors.



Advertising has become so huge that we need to stay focused and roll with the trend, otherwise you may see all your hard efforts will go to waste.

Native Advertising is one of the hottest strategies right now, so make sure you are equipped with the latest knowledge in order to utilise this to your advantage and see some great results in return.

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