Organic Results vs Paid Advertising – Which is Better?

Posted by on 27 March, 2017

Many of you who are quite new to the internet marketing world maybe unsure on how to get started, as there are many different marketing methods and tools out there.

A lot of us are under the misconception that internet marketing is too complicated and difficult to understand for the average newbie, so many of us end up paying a ridiculous price to a marketing agency to do the work for us.

However, in reality, internet marketing is very simple once you understand the basics.

The two most common internet marketing terms you may come across are SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click) – they both have the same goal which is to increase website visibility on search engines i.e. Google, yahoo etc.

So let’s go over each one in detail so you can gain a better understanding of what each one is all about and help you to decide which will work best for you.



To simply put it, PPC is a way of buying visits to your site. Search engines like google and Bing allow businesses and individuals to buy listings in their search results.  You may have noticed these ads as they appear above the non-paid organic search results. The search engine is then paid every time a user clicks on the sponsored listing.

PPC advertising can generate traffic straight away and if users are searching for keywords that you have placed your bid on then you can get clicks to your website in no time.

However, bear in mind the costs – as they can go up pretty quickly!


Cost – The more competitive the keyword, the higher the bid price would be for each click on the ad displayed.

Temporary – Once your budget has disappeared – so would the ads, which means it’s no long-term fix.

Organic Search

Organic search results are the web page listings that most closely match the user’s search query. This is determined by how you have optimised your web content to appear in organic search results. You are basically telling potential visitors that your content provides valuable information about the topic they have searched for, as each page in your site has been carefully optimised based on the content.

The best part of optimising your web content is that it is absolutely free and your site can naturally show up in the top listings in google.


Time – It can be rather time consuming to get to the top stage, as it may take months or even years to get high rankings.

Resources – You would require staff or knowledge on how to optimise your website and to create content using SEO tactics.


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So, back to our original question – which is better?

Well, it all depends on your marketing needs. Businesses with a higher budget maybe able to invest in PCC advertising and would be a great way to boost traffic for to their website. However, if you’re running a small business with a tighter marketing budget or you just don’t want to jump into PCC marketing, then you can still do many things to raise your profile against the big brands.

Once of the best free platforms you should take advantage of is social media – it does work! Produce quality and regular content on your social media pages to create your online profile.

In my opinion…

It would be best to use a little bit of both. Combine the two and it will help boost your overall click-through rate (CRT) and if you do have a budget for PPC marketing then give it ago, but always make sure your website content is optimised so when your budget does run out, your organic marketing strategy is all ready to take over.


Remember the major advantage of SEO is that it statistically gets you better quality leads, as displaying your site in the advert section of the search results doesn’t necessarily mean you are offering the best product or service.

If you would like any further information on different internet marketing strategies, then contact your account manager today!


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