We’ve Ranked Our Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software’s!

Posted by on 26 April, 2017

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to generate an extra income, simply from promoting products and services online.

In Affiliate marketing, conversion is key – so it is very important you engage and encourage your visitors to buy the product from your Affiliate link.

The earning potential in Affiliate marketing is massive – so long as you are willing to put in the hard work to improve your marketing strategies. Alongside making sure you are providing your customers all the important information about the product they need, you also need to track its growth and analyse statistics in order to improve your sales tactics.

So what exactly is tracking?

The best way for marketers to understand their affiliate campaigns is to integrate tracking services that will allow them to interpret and analyse the performance data. Most tracking software can tell you information such as visitors IP address, country, operating system, the time when the conversion took place and much more.

These variables are the clues to help you optimise your campaigns to help generate the most revenue from your marketing efforts.

For example:

A tracking software can tell you what hours of the day you’re profitable so you may be losing money during the evening but generating the most sales during the morning hours. This means that you will promote your campaigns during the times where you are more likely to achieve your goals, which in this example, is to promote during the morning.

This means that you will promote your campaigns during the times where you are more likely to achieve your goals, which in this example, is to promote during the morning.

Affiliate marketing is perfect to potentially earn huge commissions but you must remember to provide time to track the Affiliate marketing products otherwise, there is a high possibility your earnings will come down.

However, if you are busy with all the stress that comes with your daily operations, how can you find the time to devote to promoting AND managing your promotions?

The answer to this is by using Affiliate marketing tracking software’s that will keep an eye on the following types of programs for you.

  • CPA (Cost-per-acquisition)
  • CPC (Cost-per-click)
  • CPM (Cost-per-impression)
  • CPS (Cost-per-sale)

Thankfully there are many tracking platforms you can find online that will help you to track all the data you need to become successful in Affiliate marketing!

We’ll go through a few weighing the pros and cons to help you decide which solution is best for you.

1: Adzooma – Now in partnership with ClickSure!

ClickSure’s partnership with Adzooma provides a sophisticated and easy to use tracking solution for our 460,000 affiliates enabling them to analyse and optimise their marketing investment and to maximise ROI’s.


Visit your ClickSure account to find out more!

Adzooma offers the only tracking solution to provide full integration with the leading native advertising networks, a traffic source which has been very fruitful for ClickSure affiliates in recent months.

Adzooma integrates easily with Yahoo Gemini, RevContent and Outbrain, allowing streamlined campaign management and optimisation across multiple platforms.

The platform also offers a host of essential features including real-time analytics & in-depth reporting, advanced traffic segmentation, A/B split testing and optimisations, built-in tracking, along with optimisation tools and simple integration.


  • Native advertising solutions available – So if you are planning to use Native advertising Adzooma is perfect for you, as you can integrate with the biggest native advertising plaforms such as Yahoo, Taboola, Outbrain and much more.
  • Real-time analytics to allow better data visibility
  • 30 Day FREE trial, so you can try before you buy!


  • Sign up fee to access more of the advanced features

Adzooma is a great tracking platform, especially for ClickSure Affiliates, as we can offer you great support and advice including exclusive offers and discounts.

2: HasOffers

HasOffers by Tune is a performance tracking software build with a distributed cloud infrastructure, currently holding over 11,500 online businesses.



HasOffers has become extremely popular over the years as they offer a huge array of integration options with various types of third-party software’s. So you can easily connect it with your favourite CRM or shopping cart. You can also integrate popular apps such as google checkout and Shopify, so it’s ideal for any e-commerce business.

With the 3 priced packages they offer, Customers are able to manage publishers, creatives, and campaigns both on mobile and desktop.

Setting up and running Hasoffers is simple as the system offers an easy to understand interface which allows users to get their campaigns up and ready in minutes.

What makes HasOffers so unique is that they offer users to create their own custom platform using API technology, of course, you would need to know a thing or two about APIs for you to fully benefit from this package. However, it still gives the freedom to users to create their own solution for their campaigns.


  • Professionally driven analytics tool, tracking over 25 billion events monthly.
  • Free 30-day trial, so you can test to see whether this solution is best for you


  • Expensive and mostly suitable for professionals and enterprise level affiliates
  • Tracking limited in terms of clicks, conversions, and impressions
  • Added fees for additional tracking features

Overall HasOffers is becoming a preferred choice in the Affiliate marketing industry, as they seem to accommodate many global brands and offer all the features you’ll need to maintain a profitable affiliate marketing program.

3: Voluum

Voluum is another cloud-based tracking tool which has recently become very popular amongst affiliate marketers, due to its ease of use and user-friendly design.

Although Voluum is more geared towards the professional users or businesses rather than novice marketers, it still offers a range of extended reports for all your advertising performances.


Voluum Tracking system

Businesses can purchase a monthly package where they can choose from 2 different APIs that can help track your link activity easily and you can also use those APIS for campaign creation and reporting purposes.

With Voluum you have the ability to integrate with ZeroPark, which is an advertising network for publishers and businesses to gain more traffic for their campaign. This is great as you can then manage your traffic, clicks, and conversions all in one place.

Like Adzooma, voluum in an evolving platform and fairly new in the market, however it is always developing new features for the system and improving service quality for their users.


  • Advance click tracking features
  • Easy to use, including a Mobile App, so can track on the go
  • Redirect path rules
  • Automatically fires conversion pixels


  • Some learning is required, so not very ideal for novice marketers
  • Only available as a monthly service
  • Packages more tailored for experienced users

If you are an advanaced Affiliate marketer then you won’t be disappoited with Voluum.

4: Afftrack

Since 2009, Afftrack has been providing several large affiliate networks a tracking system to help marketers take their business to the next level.

The platform serves advertisers and agencies by providing detailed statistical analysis for all the affiliate and email campaigns


Free trial available!

Afftrac is the only SaaS solution that can offer you to track unlimited clicks, which is ideal for any advanced marketer, as it can dramatically lower the cost of campaigns. Although there is a monthly fee for this feature, it can be great value for money if you have a large volume of traffic to monitor.

Afftrack also offers an extremely mobile friendly interface which makes this program very easy to track on the go. Some of the tracking features include device targeting and geo-targeting that allows you to analyse specific countries to determine where your clicks/sales are generated from.


  • Fraud prevention feature
  • Unlimited use pricing option
  • Mobile tracking Available


  • No free trail available


If you’re looking for a robust management tool to optimise and monitor your affiliate networks then CAKE is the one for you.

Under one management dashboard, you can view all the overall performance of your network, review and analysis results and manage all your contacts.


Tracking solutions by CAKE

The cloud-based tool comes with a wide range of useful features such as real-time metrics, fraud protection and much more tools to generate sales and boost revenue.

They also offer CAKE for Advertisers, which is specifically built for tracking and optimising advertiser’s multi-channel marketing efforts.

One of the best features of Cake is the cookieless tracking which is a more accurate way to track a user’s journey through the internet. It makes it much easier to track leads and sales so that there is a reduced chance of losing affiliate sales.

So this is a great option for both Affiliate and Advertisers who to become successful in affiliate marketing.


  • Cookieless tracking – A more accurate way to track than with cookies alone!
  • Individual portals for affiliates as well as clients
  • Step by step wizards to assist you in tasks


  • No pricing information available on the website, so you to have to contact support to find out package prices
  • No free trial available


Remember, Affiliate marketing is a very easy way to increase your income or just to even push your products and services to a wider audience. By using the correct tracking software you can manage and track your promotions more effectively. However always remember to adhere to best practices at all times to maximise your chances of success!

What affiliate marketing tracking software’s do you currently use? Would you recommend any to your peers?