You’ve Built Your Affiliate Website . . . Now What?

Posted by on 5 May, 2017

So your very own affiliate website is ready to roll, but what do you do now to guarantee you build an income?

In this post I’m going to show you how to:

  • Make the right start to set the foundations for income building
  • Focus on the most important things moving forward, so you’re not spinning your wheels
  • Grow your site the most effective way, to increase the number of visitors you get
  • Build your income quickly with proven to work conversion techniques

Below, I’ll explain the 3 main things you need to focus on to achieve all of the above and more.

Before we continue . . .

I’m going to presume your website is fully built, including content and your first monetisation links, you’ve thoroughly tested everything and you’re ready to start getting traffic.

If you are not quite there yet and struggling with your content, or you’d like to ensure you’ve included the best kind of content to make sales, read my recent post “Increase Your Sales With The Wizardry Of Pre-Sell Content” first.

It’s worth spending the time to get pre-sell content live on your site, for when your visitors arrive. It’s the best converting content and obviously you want to convert as many visitors in to sales as you can from the very start, right?

Follow my 3 simple tips for what to do next and you’ll save months of trial and error, frustration and disappointment. If you start the right way, you’ll build your income faster, you’ll enjoy your business more and you’ll stay motivated to reach your income goals.

Let’s get started shall we? Here are the 3 main things to focus on as you move forward . . .

Number 1: This is your business. Treat it that way.

affiliate success

Ignore this and you won’t even have a business. It’s that simple.

The first thing you must realise is you need to keep putting some time and effort into your business, just as you have done already by building your site.

Whatever you do, don’t let it go to waste and gather virtual dust. Don’t get distracted by flashy new offers of easy online income. Ignore them. You now have an affiliate website, which has proven to be one of the best ways to build an income online for the last 15 years and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

Also, what other business do you know that you can run part time from home in your PJ’s, for virtually zero outlay, yet has the potential to earn you a significant income in months rather than years?

Focus 100% on that.

The good thing is, unlike most offline businesses, you can completely run it from home. The bad thing is, many people struggle to take it seriously and time-manage effectively while working at home.

You have to treat this as a real business and act accordingly. Decide your daily hours, set out your schedule and stick to it. Turn off all distractions, including Youtube and Facebook and get stuck in.

This is no different to any other business in the fact you’ll get out of it what you put in. However, stick to what I’m showing you here, and you’ll build your income faster than you could with any other business from scratch.

Plan. Focus. Apply. Success really is that simple.

Number 2: Post regular, high quality, useful content.

website content

Without regular content on your website you’ll miss out on all the search engine love. And that’s bad because search engine love means consistent, free targeted traffic, which also means lower costs for your business.

Free search engine traffic is specifically targeted, because it comes from ‘search’ marketing, meaning people have searched for your keywords, what you sell, or niche info like yours. In other words, they’re looking for what you’ve got.

It’s also important to post regularly, so the search engines including Google, will keep coming back and indexing your content. They like active, useful and current sites to send their users to, because that’s exactly what their users are looking for.

And your great content will also attract sharing and valuable backlinks from other sites, to further improve your search engine rankings.

So the more top quality, pre-sell content you post, the more ‘lines in the water’ you have to attract both search engines and targeted visitors.

Want another benefit?

Google notices the length of time visitors spend on your site and call it ‘Bounce Rate’. The best way to improve it is to keep your visitors on your site for as long as possible, so they don’t ‘bounce’ away quickly.

Good content means your visitors are more likely to spend longer on your site, bookmark and return. Video works well for this, but not at the expense of in depth content. Don’t try a post with just a video, because you need the written content to get ranked.

You can add a video into the content, preferably near the top. It makes the page ‘sticky’ as your visitors will be on your site longer, if they watch it.

If your visitors are sticking around, Google sees it as a good sign your content is valuable and will reward you with a better ranking score. And if your visitors are staying longer, it also means they are exposed to more of your offers for longer, which is great for your conversions.

Bingo! Everyone is happy.

Finally, when you keep adding content over time, you’ll begin to build an ‘authority’ site. Which is great because that will help to cement your rankings, build trust and reputation and become a favourite site for people in your niche. Which equals more traffic, fans and returning buyers.

If all these benefits haven’t convinced you to get on board with this, I don’t know what will!

Remember that if you are struggling with your content, read my recent post “Increase Your Sales With The Wizardry Of Pre-Sell Content” first.

It will really help you to understand how powerful the right content can be and give you plenty of ideas to transfer to your own website.

Don’t try and get around this. There are no short cuts. No specialist Ninja software. If you want lots of free, targeted traffic, you need to get onside with the search engines and I’ve just explained exactly how to do it.

Number 3: Use multiple traffic sources.

multiple traffic sources

Staggeringly, spectacularly, ridiculously important.

You now know how important great content is to attract free search engine traffic and keep your visitors engaged, happy and ready to spend.

Fantastic. But be warned, it’s very dangerous to rely on one source of traffic. Multiple traffic sources are the way to go for two reasons:

  • Things change online regularly and so many people have been caught out in the past by major shifts in the search engines search formulas. If your single traffic source is suddenly underperforming, or worse still dries up, what are you going to do?
  • It’s much easier to build your income, with MORE traffic. Search engines will bring a certain amount and your regular content will continually add to that, without any extra work. However, there are so many ways to attract visitors to your site, adding a few of them to your business, can considerably boost your traffic and therefore your security and income.

The good thing about point 1 in your case, is the fact that if you follow my advice regarding content, you have that covered the best you possibly can.

You’ll be giving the search engines what they want, so you’ll be safe. But is it worth chancing it, just in case something changes in the future? This is your business remember and you need to always look to the future.

Multiple traffic sources will ensure your visitors keep coming, even when one of your sources burns out or disappears.

It’s time to get social

Social media can bring you a ton of free targeted visitors, when you do it right.

Start with Facebook as it’s HUGE and whatever you’re promoting, there are buyers waiting. Build a Fanpage and update it regularly. You can get plugins, if you use WordPress, which will post your website posts onto your Fanpage automatically.

You don’t need extra content because you can simply post links to niche news, articles, videos, memes, etc, to mix in with your website posts, with the click of your mouse. Once again, there’s a ton of software to automate this if you look around.

Don’t try to sell on Facebook. Find useful and interesting info to share and remember that your website posts will attract your Facebook visitors to click through to your site. That’s where you do your selling.

Facebook Fanpages take very little time to run, yet they can bring you lots of targeted traffic. You can boost your posts to attract more targeted visitors very cheaply. In fact you can engage 100’s of people for just a £5 boost.

Basically, a Facebook Fanpage is like having another website, but it’s much easier to run and will draw visitors to your main site where they’ll see your offers.

There are plenty of others to try, but I would start with Facebook.

Get Pinning!


Pinterest can be a great source of buying traffic and it’s huge! Apparently, two thirds of members are women and they love buying:

  • According to Pinterest, 93% of Pinners have shopped online in the past six months
  • A Shopify study showed visitors referred by Pinterest are 10% more likely to buy on e-commerce sites than those referred by other social networks
  • They tend to spend twice as much as those referred by Facebook.

You may not think what you’re promoting is visual enough, as Pinterest is image based. However, you can use report covers, video stills, product shots and lifestyle images, to attract clicks in your niche.

It’s just like Facebook, as you simply post an image with a sentence explaining what it is, so it takes very little time to set up and run. And yes, there are plugins and software specifically designed for Pinterest marketing, to make it even easier.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and of course YouTube, are also great traffic hubs, so over time you should learn how to use them properly.

Keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be adding more posts regarding the best ways to use these traffic sources soon.

A quick recap . . .

happy affiliate

Affiliate success is not about luck or aimlessly bouncing around from one thing to another. It’s actually about focusing on the important things. They may not be flashy, but they work.

The right business attitude, focusing on growing your content the right way and developing multiple traffic sources, make up around 80% of your success. Simply because getting lots of targeted traffic, keeping that traffic engaged and turning it into sales . . . is the whole point of affiliate marketing!

By all means once you have applied all this lovely knowledge, you can expand your marketing horizons and begin trying other things too. I would suggest once you are on board with all this your next logical step should be building a list of subscribers.

That’s a whole other subject, but it can positively impact your business more than just about anything else once you’re rolling, so keep it in mind.

Now it’s time for you to start applying my tips, so I’ll see you next time.

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