Survivalism: An Insanely Popular Niche For Easy Sales In 2017

Posted by on 12 May, 2017
  • A staggering 3.7 million Americans are classified as Preppers or Survivalists.
  • Catering to this niche has become a multi-BILLION dollar business.
  • This niche is full of BUYERS who are willing to spend money.
  • Huge demand, an enormous range of affiliate products and lots of online activity means the audience is easy to reach. Perfect.

One of the biggest decisions you have to make when starting your affiliate journey is which niche to promote. Unfortunately, this one decision has stalled the progress of more newbies, than virtually anything else.

Even if you’re a veteran, niche selection can be a time consuming bore, spending hours fishing around for the right info to help your decision.

To save you the hassle, we like to post really useful info for you and niche selection, as you can imagine, is always a popular subject. You can read our posts on the

Health niche here and Online Gambling here.

The thing is niche selection is not rocket science, whatever level you’re currently at.

As long as the niche you choose is very popular, has plenty of social activity, lots of people spending in it and has a ton of varied affiliate products to promote, you’re good to go. And this also applies to experienced affiliates who like to expand into new niches.

However, there is one other thing you can try and ensure your chosen niche has in abundance, to make it far easier to get sales . . .

Emotion. And the more the better. If people are really emotional about the niche, they’re passionate and they’ll spend on it regularly.

Survivalism is the perfect example of an emotional niche

Global warming

Survivalism is a very emotional niche, simply because it’s based around a bunch of nightmarish scenarios, which people believe they need to prepare for. And I mean genuinely believe.

Many Survivalists think the end is near via World War 3, famine, chemical weapon attacks or at least a bloody civil war, so they prepare by stocking up on everything from food and water, to medicines, weapons and ammunition.

Others believe the threat is from natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, flash floods etc, and feel the overwhelming need to stockpile food and survival items to ensure that their family is able to remain safe until civilisation returns to normal.

It’s become a HUGE niche, with a ton of products and services to promote.

Everything from physical goods including books, food, speciality clothing, shelters, weapons, communication systems and power generation, then there’s a ton of guides, reports and resources which can all help you build your affiliate income in this niche.

If you doubt the size or voracious appetite of this niche, let me tell you that which is an authority blog in the survivalist niche . . . generates $1 Million in sales every month!

Survivalists, also known as Preppers and Homesteaders are mainly driven by fear, so any time there is a terrorist attack somewhere, a government is overthrown, or a mass shooting takes place, survivalist product sales peak.

The demand for related products is huge

survivalist equipment

And luckily the choice is huge, with a wide range of product prices to keep your visitors excited. There’s also lots of online activity via niche blogs and forums, so the audience is really easy to reach.

It’s an easy niche to write content for too, as you can simply write about the scary stuff happening around the world, most of which will have the survivalists stocking up on more supplies.

Obviously reviews of related products, new product announcements and product comparisons are perfect content, as this niche has so much gear on offer, it’s incredible.

Interviews with niche ‘experts will all go down well with this audience.

Survivalism is also perfect for product owners as there are a million and one opportunities to develop new guides and products for this niche, with a little imagination.

The profits can be high simply because individual spend is so high. Keeping these ‘Preppers’ feeling safe costs a fortune and they’ll keep spending until they feel they are fully prepared.

And now’s the best time to get involved . . .

prepper equipment

  • A report in Newsweek stated, “While there’s no scientific data to track survivalism’s recent growth, some preppers have speculated it’s reached a level not matched in decades.” (Source)
  • And Yahoo Finance claims, “As many as 3.7 million Americans are classified as preppers or survivalists. Given their numbers and their willingness to spend money, catering to doomsday preppers has become a multibillion dollar business.” (Source)
  • Newsweek said, “’preppers’ are what you might call survivalism’s Third Wave: regular people with jobs and homes whom are increasingly fearful about the future—their paranoia compounded by 24-hour cable news.” (Source)

In case you still doubt the growing popularity of this niche, remember this . . .

This niche thrives on worrying about everything from natural disasters, to all out nuclear war. All you have to do is take a quick look through the latest world news and you’ll see why this niche is rapidly growing in popularity day by day.

A stack of profitable sub-niches

You could go for a website using all the sub-niches as separate categories and aim for an authority site, or pick a single sub-niche per website, to laser target your audience.

You could also choose single popular products and build mini sites around each of them. Or go the product review site route, categorised by sub-niche.

One look at the threads on this popular Survivalist forum will give you all the ideas you need to get started . . .


Notice how many sub-niches within sub-niches there are. It’s like a niche Russian Doll!

Look at the thread ‘Wilderness, Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum’ and you’ll notice underneath it ‘Edible and Non Edible Plants’, which is a specific sub-niche of that subject. But there are so many more from clothing, food supplies, equipment, specific expert information and guides, the list just goes on and on.

If you’re serious about this and your aim is to build an authority site, this example is also a great starting point to plan the layout and content of your website.

Search for other forums and specialist blogs to get a good overview of what the niche is all about.

What are people talking about, what worries do they have and what are they buying? It’s all right there if you spend an hour or two researching.

Keep in mind that you can get extra sales from hobbyists who enjoy outdoor adventures and are interested in the same kinds of equipment as the survivalists. As you can imagine those interested in camping out in the wilderness, fishing, climbing etc, will also need tents and shelters, specialised knives and tools, emergency food supplies, survival guides etc.

Get in there right now and ride the wave.

This niche is not going away. It’s growing rapidly and recent global events are fueling that growth with mass fear and uncertainty regarding the future.

If you help these people find what they need for peace of mind, you can make an excellent, growing income, as new Preppers flood the internet and the list of products you can promote grows by the day.


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