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Posted by on 17 May, 2017

A staggering 31% of desktops PCs are infected by some form of malware in the US alone and over $2 trillion dollars have been lost due to malware infections.

More than half of all computer users will come across malicious software or malware on their PCs, costing consumers billions of dollars each year.

These dangerous programs can destroy data and steal personal information quite easily and make your PC unusable.

And in recent news…

Recently the NHS (National Health Service) fell victim of a global ransomware attack, affecting computers Hospitals and GP surgeries in England and Scotland. It was recorded as the ‘biggest ransomware outbreak in history’ by Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at the Helsinki-based cyber security company.

Hackers have been spreading the ‘ransomware’ called WannaCry which is often delivered via emails that trick recipients into opening attachments.

Once your computer has been infected, it locks up all your files and encrypts them in a way that you are no longer able to access them anymore. It then demands payments in bitcoin in order to regain access.

The situation is currently believed to be under control however strict security measures have been put in place to prevent further attacks.

What about Smartphones?

You’d be surprised to know that 10 million Android devices are reportedly infected with Chinese Malware called HummingBad.

Analysis from CyberSecurity software maker check point suggests that the HummingBad virus began as a download attack, where phones are infected when people visited websites. The virus allows hackers to completely take control of your smartphone, intercepting private messages, calls and injecting apps with software to gain access to financial information.

As we are all guilty of being addicted to our smartphones, so it’s important that we take measures to protect ourselves from these hackers.

Antivirus software is the primary method for protection from 100 new malwares that are produced everyday.

At ClickSure we have a great offer that is perfect for the job!

The standard antivirus solutions market was worth $2.7 billion in 2003 and then rose to $3.3 billion in the following year!

This industry is an upward trend and is possibly worth tens of billions of dollars now… or more. Plus due to the widespread and heavy use of the internet and computer devices, it has become a necessity to download some sort of antivirus software, to reduce chances of getting infected with malware.

Introducing Scanguard


The ultimate protection available for the whole family across multiple platforms

  • Antivirus – Stay protected from malware adware, virus, Trojans
  • System Boost – Reduces your PC’s boot time, control applications and stop unnecessary process
  • Security – Keep your personal data and web browsing private with their advanced VPN software

Why should Affiliates promote this offer?

Well why not?… Its safe to say that there will always be technological advancements in the ever-green digital industry and more an more people are now using some form of online service on a daily basis. Which is why it has become a necessity to protect your online privacy.

  • 20,000 malicuous apps are available on Android only! – you never know when you can become a victim of malware
  • Converting is easy!  As everyone needs a security software on their devices.

At ClickSure we’re offering not only a desktop solution but also the Scanguard software for Android users!


Help to identify specific errors and programs which impact performance and slow down your PC.

ClickSure and Scanguard joined together to provide you with a good-converting product to promote! It converts well, because everyone needs some sort of antivirus to protect their online presence. It is a quality product with a reasonable pricing and all the features and benefits that modern antivirus could provide nowadays. Contact your account manager for more details.

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Now Available for Android

Allows you to completely safeguard your device from malware, viruses and adware.

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