Do You Have The ‘Super Affiliate’ Attitude To Ensure Your Success?

Posted by on 17 May, 2017

Here are my 7 Super Affiliate rules for online success so you can join the most successful, highest earning affiliate marketers.

While there are 1000’s of affiliates earning anything from a respectable $10,000 to $50,000 a year, the Super Affiliates can earn that and more each and every month.

So why is there such a discrepancy in the level success? What is it that super affiliates have, that other affiliates don’t? And why do some people never really get off the ground with their affiliate business?

Simple. It all comes down to attitude.

Develop the right attitude and you’ll succeed online


Think about it. What do the highest earning super affiliates have that you don’t?

  • Do they have a head start on you thanks to a Mensa level IQ? Nope.
  • Do they have an outstanding Harvard or Oxford education? Nope.
  • Did they have $1000’s to invest from day one? Nope.
  • Do they have any special tools unavailable to you? Nope.

Even more importantly:

  • Do they constantly distract themselves by continuing to search for the next big thing? Nope.
  • Did they waste time moaning about not earning fast enough? Nope.

They have just 2 things that many affiliates don’t . . . knowledge and a focused, ‘keep going’ attitude. You can easily get the knowledge, but attitude is a different ball game.

Many of the super affiliates I’ve met or worked with started with no real money to invest in their business. They simply learnt what they needed to know from the right sources, made a plan, stuck to it and set time aside to work on their business.

And the great thing is YOU can do the same.

Or can you? Because if like the majority of new affiliates, you’re stuck with one foot in affiliate marketing and one foot still in ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ land, you’ll never succeed.

Do you suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome?

It’s a term coined to describe what happens to people when they first begin looking how to make money online.

Unfortunately, it’s more common than you would imagine and goes something like this:

shiny object syndrome 3

It’s painful to read, right? Especially if you already have shiny object syndrome.

If you do, it’s time to get rid of it and focus on building a real online business, by adopting the super affiliate attitude. Choose what you’re going to do, avoid distractions at all cost, plan, focus and keep moving forward.

And if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing, you need to avoid SOS from the start like the plague.

Understand that if there’s a name for this problem, it’s a serious issue. Trust me on this, you will save months of frustration and ‘jump the queue’ to online success if you make a commitment right now and stick to it going forward.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business, based on sound principles, unlike many of the offerings you’ll find online.

affiliate marketing 3

You need to build your online business on strong foundations, which will keep your business safe, both now and in the future and affiliate marketing is a great example of this.

Once your business is set up and running, it can be grown really quickly and the sky’s the limit regarding earnings.

But remember, whichever online business model you choose to pursue, you need to commit and make a start. A pile of make money plans collecting virtual dust on your hard drive won’t do you any good.  You will never make a penny without actual action.

By all means buy the guides you think can help your business, as there’s some great info out there, but not at the expense of your business. Pick something to move forward with and find info, plans and software which enhance it, not replace it.

If you do choose affiliate marketing, the key is to think and act like a super affiliate and the following 7 rules will help you to achieve that, so no excuses. If you choose something else, these tips are still great advice:

The 7 Super Affiliate rules for online success

Follow the Rules Society Regulations Legal System Law Concept

1: Ignore all shiny objects

I have to repeat as it’s so important . . .

You will never find success if you bounce from one thing to another to try and build your business. Stop looking for overnight riches and start focusing on building your affiliate marketing business.

Learn everything you can, stick to a work schedule and plan, and you’ll be amazed how much better you feel than when you take action with a 100% proven business. With just a few hours a day you can build your income faster than you thought possible, so forget another 6 months of inactivity and dreaming and make a start today.

You’ll find tons of excellent info right here on ClickSure regarding all aspects of this perfect home business, so you’ve no excuse not to shine.

2: You need your own website

This is essential.

Super affiliates know you need to build your affiliate business on solid foundations and relying solely on Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest or any other social media site could end in tears.

Remember MySpace? Or Squidoo? The affiliates who built their business around such sites, soon learnt to their cost, it was a bad idea.

Your own website on your own domain is the safest, most sensible way to go. You control it, so unlike other sites, you won’t become the victim of policy changes that could wipe you out overnight.

Also, your own website is infinitely scalable and you can add new sites onto your hosting as and when you wish to diversify or enter a new niche.

3: Learn to write pre-sell content

Content Marketing Blog Marketing Advertise Concept

Super affiliates know that content used the right way will attract traffic and convert visitors into cash.

The magic happens when you start using pre-sell content to educate, inform and enthuse your visitors and direct them towards the sale.

Remember, all your sales will come from visitors reading your content and ads and clicking your links, so make sure you learn how to do it properly. Obviously, you have to keep doing it too, or your traffic will suffer.

Click Here to read my post Increase Your Sales With The Wizardry Of Pre-Sell Content and you’ll be ready to write content that brings in the commissions.

4: Build your social media profiles

So many affiliates try and skip setting up their social media traffic funnels then later wonder why they aren’t getting many visitors to their website. Super affiliates take the time to get it done and keep it up to date.

Remember that social media is likely to be your biggest, or at least one of the biggest, sources of traffic. It’s just so popular now.

Super affiliates spend the time to develop it into a source of fresh, targeted, daily leads, by posting high quality links and content to build up their audience.

You need to do the same.

You only have to set them up once, then you can manage them in just a few minutes a day. However, the results can be outstanding as your audience grows.

5: Test as many traffic sources as you can

web traffic

Another super affiliate speciality. Don’t rely on any one traffic source, even Facebook or Google. Yes, you may think the oceans of visitors from these 2 sites are never-ending, but you never know.

You could make mistakes and get banned from them, their policies could change or they could even disappear eventually. Yes really. That’s why you need to be trying and testing different ways of getting traffic to your sites.

Free traffic is a great place to start and will keep growing virtually on its own once you build your content up, but many super affiliates re-invest some of their earnings into paid traffic.

They’ll test various sources carefully and roll out campaigns when they find a winner.

Diversity is the key to long term success, so spend time learning about the best traffic sources as you go along.

6: Work with your Affiliate Managers

Usually when you join an affiliate program or network, you’ll be assigned an account manager, to help you get set up, answer any questions and make a start.

Many new affiliates do not want to talk to their account managers as they feel a little nervous and intimidated.

Don’t be. Think about it. They know you are new to this and they simply want to help you to be as successful as possible. No hidden agenda’s, it’s simply because if you succeed, they succeed too.

Talk to them. They’ll help you choose suitable offers and give you advice on setting up landing pages and finding the best traffic sources.

7: Reinvest some of your earnings back into your business regularly


If you take some of your profits and reinvest them into your business, you can speed up your business growth.

You don’t have to do this, but obviously it makes sense if you want to increase your income faster.

You can pay for outsourcing your content, digital product creation or social media management as examples. You could also buy traffic as I previously mentioned, or launch new websites in new niches.

Reinvesting a % of your income simply gives you more options as you move forward.

You’re now ready for success . . .

I’ve been involved in online marketing for over 20 years and I’ve seen it all. Please trust me on this, stick to what I’ve laid out for you above and you’ll have the best possible chance of success.

I’ve seen it time and time again. So many people lose their way, blinded by the glare of the shiny objects. Don’t go the same route.

Success isn’t about luck or jumping from one thing to another, it’s about sticking to a plan, keeping your eye on your goals and not looking back. So go for it.

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    ikhlas fas using my affiliate web page promoting and advertising some produces for the different companies ,using face book and email marketing ,since day one as member but till now i haven’t generated and income ,could you tell me what was the reason, using G+ and some other means to promote those produces i just want to know if i missing some steps of i am not doing it write

    • sumaiya


      Thanks for contacting ClickSure

      One of the key steps to increasing your chances of sales is to ensure your traffic is targeted.
      This means that you need to ensure that the clicks you are generating are from individuals that are interested in the products you are selling.

      Why not contact me via Skype and we can go through your promotional methods and offers suggestions for improvement!

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