Hacks to Squeeze More Profits from your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Posted by on 17 July, 2017

There’s always going to be some way to earn extra money on top of what you are currently seeing, whether you are promoting through social media, content marketing or paid ad campaigns.

You may think your set commissions are the only source of income from your marketing campaigns, but you’re wrong…

You can make more out of your campaigns by following a few simple tips which we will discuss in more detail below.

Although it is good to work on increasing conversions and reaching new audiences, it is equally important you put in some extra time and effort to explore the many options you have that can easily increase your profits.

Build Scalable campaigns

Building scalable campaigns is key in Affiliate marketing as it is easier to improve ROI on an existing campaign rather than starting afresh each time a campaign isn’t running after a day or two.

You could be juggling 20 different campaigns at once, trying to monitor and analyse all the data and spending a fortune on each one, which would be a total nightmare! Whereas if you pick 2-3 quality campaigns, you could see a healthier return as you would have more time to spend optimising these campaigns to reach their full potential, plus it’s less stressful to manage.

At the end of the day the more profit you make, the more money you will have to put back into promotion and not forgetting more profit in your pocket!

Let’s go through some of the ways in which you can earn more money with Affiliate marketing.

1 – Choosing an offer for your audience


When joining a network, don’t pick an offer based on the highest payout. You need to understand your audience and choose offers that you think they would be interested in. This would increase your chances of successful leads and conversions

One of the biggest mistakes that most affiliate marketers make is trying to appeal to everyone.

Defining a target audience is best practice in any business, especially if you are looking to gain revenue from your customers.

To make it easier… Try picking an umbrella theme such as Health and Fitness. Then choose a wide range of different offers that are related to that niche, it can be fitness products, supplements, or even e-books on how to lose weight. This would make it easier for your customers to find all the different products they may be looking for all in one place.

This can also allow you to easily build successful relationships with your customers, as you have shown you have their best interests in mind. In life and in business, when you help other achieve their goals, they’ll be more likely to help you achieve yours.

2 – Start off with a low daily spend

budget - iStock_000041295790_Large

One area that novice affiliates initially have problems with is budgeting their daily ad spend. So before you start splashing the cash you don’t have on multiple media ad campaigns and email lists, take some time to understand each promotional method and pick 1 or 2 that would be beneficial to you.

Don’t try to sign up and subscribe to every single media service out there, as this can be expensive and it all eats into the budget.

Start off with a low daily spend budget on Google AdWords or Facebook ads as this would be a good place to begin promotions.  This way, you will get the chance to study your data and then you can scale up as you learn more about how the campaigns and the different traffic sources perform.

If you are analysing your marketing methods and you notice a particular paid service is not working for you… Then stop it immediately. There’s no point wasting money on something that is not adding any value to your marketing efforts.

3 – Split testing all traffic sources

Split testing is about testing two different variations of something to see which does a better job of getting your audience to do what you want them to do.

Each of the traffic sources can be pinpointed with a unique site Id so you can track where your customers are coming from.

It’s always important to know where your traffic is coming from and which method is delivering the best traffic and leads to the offer.

Contact your account manager to learn how you can track your offers on ClickSure!

4 – Ask for a CPA increase when pushing volume


Affiliate networks usually work off margins which means they are always looking for more volume to send to their advertisers, plus there’s high chances they can pay out a little more on the offers.

If you are pushing top quality traffic to the offers, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to request an additions 5 -10 % more in payout… its defiantly worth a shot.

Remember to build a good relationship with the Advertiser first and always send decent traffic and leads before requesting an increase, in order for the Advertiser to take your offer seriously.

Sometimes simply asking your network account manager or Advertiser is one of the best ways to increase how much you are getting paid on an affiliate offer

Affiliate marketing has been around for over 20 years now, with billions of dollars generated annually by businesses all around the world. Especially more now with the rise of mobile technologies, there is really no end in sight.

Affiliate marketing is simply the best opportunity you have for making money online and once you’ve mastered all the hacks and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to be amongst the top dogs in the industry.

Contact your ClickSure account manager today to see if you can get a well-deserved bump on your payouts!