ClickSure Partners With BitPay To Pay Out Commissions in Bitcoin

Posted by on 1 August, 2017

We’re excited to announce that we have teamed up with global bitcoin payment service provider BitPay, to offer our affiliates an alternative method for receiving your weekly sales commissions.

Why all the excitement? Simple. Bitcoin is the hottest topic online right now with ongoing coverage in the mainstream media and has proven it’s anything but a ‘passing phase’, in fact it’s shaping up to become a currency superstar!

It’s exciting, efficient and futuristic. And the growth of bitcoin has been nothing short of phenomenal!


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As more affiliates and businesses are looking to move away from traditional payment services such as global bank transfer, the payment landscape is constantly changing.

This means that more and more people are open to modern techniques such as pre-pay cards, online wallets and crypto-currency, which are becoming really attractive as they’re much more efficient.

We are all getting so used to things being ‘instant‘ and we expect it in every aspect of our lives. We’ll no longer accept delays, usually caused by ineffective procedures and miles of red tape.

Bitcoin payouts enable you to receive weekly payments immediately when paychecks are processed each Thursday. Zero waiting to get your money has a ring to it, don’t you think?

Receive your commissions in bitcoin with our official payment service partner BitPay

So the really good news is that ClickSure Affiliates can now make commission withdrawals by bitcoin using any wallet address and service provider. However if you are looking for a safe and secure wallet service provider, we recommend using BitPay wallet.

Founded back in 2011, BitPay established themselves as one of the largest bitcoin processors and as of 2014 started processing $1 million USD daily. They have partnerships with merchants including tech giants Microsoft and major American record label Warner Bros records.

And they have a slick app, to make the most of the now hugely popular currency.

With BitPay wallet you can manage your bitcoin finances in one secure app that is available to download for free on all major mobile and desktop platforms.

And another thing you’ll love about BitPay, is you can now turn your bitcoin into dollars and use their exclusive Visa card to make instant withdrawals from any Visa compatible ATM, or to spend at point of service with any retailer that accepts Visa payments!

Seriously, how amazing is that? Instant, stress free conversion of bitcoin into spendable cash. Cool right?

Here’s why we decided to make the move to allow our 460,000 affiliates to receive payouts in bitcoin.

“We provide multiple payout options for our users due to the simple fact there is not a ‘one-fits-all’ payment solution that is suitable for everyone. Our affiliates are based in all ‘4 corners of the world’ and we are seeing a growing trend of users looking to explore alternative payment options, that offer more than what they get with the traditional payment methods.” – ClickSure Communications Manager Ben Marshall

So how do withdrawals from ClickSure work using bitcoin?

Well payments in bitcoin will be processed weekly each Thursday, the same way as our other payout options are set up. The minimum withdrawal threshold is $250 and the withdrawal fees are a flat 2%.

Want another benefit of making withdrawals in bitcoin?

The funds will be sent immediately to your bitcoin wallet the same day that paychecks is processed. So wave good bye to the delays in receiving funds to your account.

How’s that for modern, innovative and super cool? This really is the future of payments and you can be part of it right now, today!

To get more details on how to receive your commission payments in bitcoin contact your ClickSure Account Manager today.


  • Isidro

    how does it work

    • Indy

      Hello Isidro, thanks for your message. Bitcoin is another weekly payment method we now offer, to find out more please contact your Account Manager or add me on Skype at clicksure-indy