New ClickSure Recommended Partner: ClickFunnels

Posted by on 14 August, 2017

We’re delighted to announce our latest partnership with one of the very best resources for affiliates and product owners alike.

Introducing you to ClickFunnels, the platform that boasts the fastest and easiest way to build attention grabbing websites!

ClickFunnels is perfect for those brand new to earning online and veterans who want to dial up their results with something fresh, proven and simple to implement.

Even if you are setting up your very first website, ClickFunnels provides you with an entire business in a box, conveniently including everything you need such as web hosting, landing page software, email software, testing software and a whole lot more.

Wave goodbye to having to log in to multiple software systems and programs to manage each resource. Save money paying for one reasonably priced subscription that covers everything you’ll need.

Say hello to one login, the best tools available in the industry and an easy to use interface that is going to change the way you work online forever!

For product owners this is so time-saving, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it before.


Want to get set up as an affiliate or selling your products online, the fastest and most efficient way possible?

ClickFunnels is the way to do it, simply because it’s been designed from scratch to makes SALES. These guys are experts at creating high converting, lucrative sales funnels from scratch.

The most exciting thing for you is that they’ve transferred all their experience and knowledge into a tool called ClickFunnels, which is now available to both affiliates and product owners alike.

Built around the very templates that they’ve used themselves to build their business quickly, it’s powerful, easy to use, and the ideal tool to create your first website or to improve your current funnels.

Everything you need to successfully market, sell and deliver your products online

ClickFunnels is powerful enough that you can create ANY type of funnel that you can imagine, yet simple enough that you can just plugin YOUR message into any of their pre-built funnels! Their cutting edge funnel tool helps to simplify the process of creating a marketing funnel for a variety of needs.

This includes funnels to collect emails and build your subscriber list, you can sell products or promote them as an affiliate and host webinars or membership sites. So basically it’s everything you need to really grow your business and income.

And they have a 14 day trial with 6 pre-built funnels FREE.  So you can try it out for yourself without risking anything.

Their unique online sales funnel builder is super easy to use and provides you with all of the essential tools in one place, enabling you to generate a highly converting website that can increase your online revenue.

Plus all of the core elements of building an online business are included in their neatly put together marketing package. So you don’t have to scramble around from one service provider to another, trying to ensure that they all fit with one another, or remember the countless number of memberships that you need to log in to and constantly monitor.


What else do you get with ClickFunnels?

  • Access to the jam packed library of slick pre-built funnels to pick from that are modeled on different types of businesses to make them relevant and engaging.
  • Gain access to proven and tested templates that speed up the process of A/B testing to get you maximum conversions.
  • Simple to use interface that allows you to integrate video, animation, headlines and other landing page elements that you desire to implement.
  • Plus website hosting, autoresponder software, custom domains, email integration with all major email service providers and much much more.

And if you want to keep running your favorite existing tools alongside ClickFunnels, no problem. Check out these top service providers that are easily integrated to make your funnel building process even more fun!

Easily integrate your tools with ClickFunnels

Sounds like a no-brainer right? At least we think so here at ClickSure!

ClickFunnels all-in-one package could transform your marketing efforts and open the gates to building a successful online business. And that’s why you became an online marketer right?

The guys at ClickFunnels are so confident in their services they actually offer you a 14 DAYS FREE TRIAL… Try before you buy sounds good to us!

After the trial period, the monthly cost for membership is just $97 p/month. So basically you get all of the tools that you need to create a successful online business, for less than a hundred bucks a month. Incredible value!

So the only thing that’s left for you to do now is to sign up and start your free trial to see for yourself.

CLICK HERE to find out more, we are confident you won’t regret it!



At ClickSure, we care about providing our users with quality services and products. With that in mind we therefore only partner with services that are the very best in the industry and offer value for money.

So watch this space for more exclusive partnership announcements!


  • The product ClickFunnels sounds fine, what with the hosting, autoresponder flex, tracking and A/B Split testing, etcetra! The only flipside being the HUGE monthly membership cost of $97…

  • Dennis Campbell

    That my problem we it too the HUGE monthly cost for the smell pack

  • Sophia

    Check and review each so that you can get the best value of your money. I chose Activetrail since its well packed with features and awesome templates to start on for a newbie like me.

    • Steven Melody

      Do you really think that so easy.