Football Season is Here! The latest in football and sports betting!

Posted by on 11 September, 2017

The Football season is upon us!

While being at the bookies in the past has long been associated with your grandfather having a flutter on horse racing, the growth of online betting and mobile apps could see football challenge that position.

Anywhere you look these days you’ll find adverts for football betting…

  •  Before games, and during half time on TV you’ll see adverts for betting companies with suggestions and encouragement on what bets to place
  • On the radio they’re now giving you in-game and half-time odds, telling you how much you could win if x,y, and z happens
  • The second, third and fourth tiers of English league football are all sponsored by Sky Bet.
  • Bookmakers offer upwards of 200 different markets on football matches.

Internet and mobile devices provide quick access to betting apps which has made betting much more accessible than ever before.
Increased coverage of live football matches shown globally has drawn in more interest and opportunity making football betting an exciting multi billion dollar business.

Last year Football betting alone was worth £1.4bn to the industry, new figures have revealed. There has also been a huge increase of “in-running” betting or live betting is where bets are placed while the event is actually happening, this can be done during a horse race or football game for example.
Online football betting has become massively popular in recent years but it all started in and around the 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000, Needless to say since then the market has grown and grown!

Gambling and Betting companies have taken over sponsorship on the premiere leagues shirts!

More Premier League teams are sponsored by gambling companies than ever before! with nearly half of the division’s teams displaying logos for online casinos or bookmakers on their shirts.

The Premier league was 10 years old before any club featured a betting company on their shirt. Then in 2002/03, Betfair linked up with Fulham becoming their main shirt sponsor, and so began the influx of shirt sponsorship’s with betting companies.



We are in the middle of the sports betting storm… Its exciting, its current and with real skill and knowledge it can be a perfect way to make some good money, this Ladbrokes advert sums up perfectly the “betting culture”!!

Just look at the frenzy surrounding the HUGE Mayweather fight just recently, it had everybody around the world placing bets!! and sponsored by Paddy Power! (one of the biggest bookmakers in the world) take full advantage of this booming market…

How to promote sports betting

We’ve come up with a few different tips on how you can promote sports betting with ClickSure,

  • Social Media Marketing – this works really well, using the right marketing strategies social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook which have all rapidly increased in popularity over the last decade are the perfect way to promote products.
  • Sports Blogs – traffic visiting this page have an interest in sport this means you already have your target audience, using images and video to promote products/offers will catch the attention of visitors.
  • Review websites – similar to the sports blogs, tactical promotion and great content will attract consumers.

Offers to promote

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