ClickSure Introduce Simple, Copy And Paste Shopify Integration

Posted by on 13 October, 2017

If you’re already using Shopify, or considering using it in the future (and you should, but more on that in a moment), we have really good news.

Our simple, copy and paste ClickSure/Shopify integration is now live!

And that’s very important and beneficial because it means that Shopify users can now paste their Clicksure tracking code (iFrame based) into their Shopify site, to make tracking their sales a piece of cake.

This could be huge for your business and it’s so easy to implement . . .

  • Incredibly simple Shopify integration with ClickSure’s iFrame tracking pixel
  • Easily place into the Shopify account with a simple copy/paste
  • Perfect for CPS model e-commerce products rather than full CPA, with end to end tracking
  • Already live with a number of big brand e-commerce sites, including fashion brands Ace Vestiti , Hauora and Ballardier

So if you’re an existing advertiser who already has Shopify stores that aren’t in ClickSure yet, you can now add them in minutes.

Or if you have a range of products, you can now use Shopify to set up your store and quickly combine it with the power of ClickSure to drive more sales.

ClickSure and Shopify are powerful resources on their own, but used together they can make a uniquely profitable combination.

Ok, so you already know how beneficial ClickSure’s incredible resources, cutting-edge tools and army of affiliates can be to your business, but what about Shopify?

Clicksure Shopify Integration

What Shopify is and the benefits to advertisers of using it

Key points about Shopify:

  • Founded in 2004
  • E-commerce product that allows inexperienced advertisers to design their own web-store
  • Features an API and apps to allow deep customisation
  • Features a mobile app to allow remote management of the site and products
  • Integrated with Amazon to allow sales on that site from existing Shopify store
  • Annual revenue of $151 million in 2017
  • Now instantly compatible with ClickSure!

Shopify is basically a very popular, simple to use and cost-effective e-commerce platform.

It allows you to build beautiful, fully functional e-commerce stores in minutes, using their library of templates, API and a huge range of add-on apps, to add infinite functionality.

8 brilliant reasons to build your e-commerce business with Shopify:

  1. Quick & easy to set up & use.
    With Shopify, it’s ridiculously easy to quickly launch an online store. It’s been designed to be very user-friendly and simple to use, with everything included you’re likely to need to get your business off to a flying start. The main interface is clean, intuitive and logically laid out. You also get a ton of help via step by step instructions and over the shoulder videos.
  2. Immediately present your brand perfectly.
    You instantly get a professional looking, visually appealing online store with just a few choices and clicks. Without Shopify it could take you weeks to set up a website this beautiful, striking and functional.
  3. It’s very affordable.
    Keeping costs down is essential to keep your business profitable and growing, especially when you first start out. Low cost can sometimes affect the quality of resources but with Shopify you can have your cake and eat it, for a low monthly cost.
  4. You get a suite of essential marketing tools.
    Along with advanced integrated SEO tools, Shopify also gives you easy integration with social media, discount codes, email marketing function, custom gift cards, your store statistics & a coupon generator.
  5. Shopify have their own App Store.
    This means you can add unparalleled functionality both starting out and as you grow, including custom pop-up email capture and in-depth affiliate sales tracking.
  6. Zero technical worries.
    Shopify is so simple to use you really don’t need any technical expertise. All the software and hosting is provided by Shopify, making it super simple and fast to set up and start earning.
  7. The complete solution.
    Web hosting, shopping cart and payment gateway are all included, meaning you can focus on running your business and selling your products.
  8. Shopify’s incredible app store.
    Shopify has over 1500 apps, both free and paid, to add unlimited functionality to your shop including reviews, loyalty schemes and wishlists, along with in-depth analytics, label printing, accounting integration and loads of marketing apps.

Are you a ClickSure Advertiser already using Shopify? Contact your account manager to get started right now!

Sell from your website

Already using Shopify but not using ClickSure?

As a product owner with a Shopify store, traffic is the basis of your success, just as with any business website. In fact, without regular, targeted visitors looking for exactly what you’re selling, you don’t even have a business.

ClickSure is a leading affiliate network with over 400,000 ‘Affiliates’ working in a wide variety of niches, who are looking for relevant products to promote, on a commission only basis.

You can put your Shopify store into ClickSure’s marketplace, where interested affiliates in your niche can promote it, in return for a commission rate which you decide.

With ClickSure you get regular traffic to your Shopify store which is:

  • Targeted directly to your niche, because the traffic comes from websites within your niche.
  • Pre-qualified, which means you know the visitors are at least interested in what you’re selling.
  • Pre-warmed, as affiliates will have already started the sales process for you with their content, so your product will already be familiar to those visitors.
  • Extremely cost effective . . . you don’t pay for the traffic, you only pay when a sale is made.

With most traffic sources you have to pay upfront without knowing what your return will be. And that’s very difficult to manage and can end up being very expensive. Affiliate traffic however, is as close to perfect as you can get and the results can be huge.

It doesn’t end there however.

ecommerce traffic

Imagine 100’s of pages in the search engine results, all promoting your website, along with positive reviews for your product on the first page of Google.

Affiliates can bring you all of this, which can lead to regular extra sales without work from you and without you having to pay out up front.

And finally, we need to mention the extraordinary reach of affiliates, which includes all verticals and channels such as social media, video, mobile, content sites, blogging, search and display marketing, email marketing and retargeting, which are all paid on a performance basis.

This is so powerful, Shopify themselves include a page on their site dedicated to it:

“Affiliate marketing can be an amazing sales channel for an online retailer. A lot of your success has to do with the type of products you sell and how well you pay your affiliates.”

And ClickSure now works perfectly with Shopify, thanks to our new copy and paste integration. 

So if you’re a Shopify store owner looking for the purest, most powerful and cost-effective traffic source on the planet, you’ve found it.

You can hook up our Shopify integration today and you’ll instantly access the power of ClickSure’s ‘hands off’ affiliate sales to drive up your profits, to make the most of Shopify’s incredible convenience and e-commerce simplicity.

So if you’re a ClickSure advertiser not yet using Shopify, sign up now to create a Shopify account and enjoy super fast e-commerce setup, integrated directly with your ClickSure account.