New To Social Media Marketing? Use These 6 Expert Tips To Get Started The Right Way

Posted by on 20 October, 2017

Right here we’re going to show you how to attract lots of visitors to your website using social media, even if you’ve never used it before.

Read the whole of this post and you can get started today, the right way and watch your traffic build up over time until it’s a constant source of targeted visitors.

  • You can get social media traffic for free, or pay for it to get results even quicker.
  • It’s proven to work and is used by successful marketers the world over.
  • Social media will bring you ‘Targeted’ visitors, meaning they are looking for what you’re selling.
  • You don’t have to set up all your profiles at once. Simply try each one out over time and see what results they bring you.

Before we move on, and in case you’re new to online marketing terminology, TRAFFIC is simply the flow of visitors to your website.

The number of visitors you can attract will make or break your online business, as you obviously need a consistent stream of traffic to your site, in order to make on-going sales.

So obviously you want as much traffic as you can possibly get. However, for a truly successful online business, you need to attract TARGETED traffic.

What is Targeted traffic?

social traffic tips

Imagine you have a website based on the weight loss niche. Your visitors can check out the latest news, read informative, valuable articles relating to weight loss and reviews on the most popular and cutting-edge weight loss guides on your website, right?

So you are looking for visitors who are looking for the info you share and the type of thing you’re promoting.

If your social media profiles are also focused on weight loss, people who are interested will like and share your posts, and visit your site for more good info. They are obviously interested, or they wouldn’t be on your social media pages.

If you can get a steady stream of such people flowing in, who are ‘targeted’ to your niche, then without a doubt you’ll make far more sales.

Compare that to the cheap traffic package deals you see online for instance, where general traffic is funneled to your site without any real pre-sell, and you can see why it’s not going to be as effective when it comes to converting visitors into actual sales.

Note: Your conversion rate is simply the % of visitors who buy from you. So if you get 100 visitors and 3 buy, your conversion rate is 3%.

So it makes sense that the more tightly focused and targeted your traffic is, the greater your results will be.

Summing it up: What you want and what you need to succeed in any internet marketing venture are consistent sources of targeted traffic.

6 Simple Social Media Traffic Tips . . .

Use these proven tips to turn social media into a targeted visitor magnet, starting today!

1: Content is King!

The key to successfully using social media for marketing your business is to make sure you create content that people in your niche will enjoy and find useful. Basically, you need content that helps you to engage with your visitors.

The most popular content on social media sites are usually checklists, “Top 10” lists, tools & resources, product reviews, announcements and breaking news, so keep that in mind. But don’t forget some fun stuff like niche based videos and memes, to break it up. A good way to keep a track of what is performing well in your niche is to use a service like BuzzSumo.

You’ll soon see what’s the most interesting to your visitors from the likes and shares it receives, then you can post more of the types of content your visitors like, while also trying out new things too.

Another benefit of social media is the fact that along with receiving traffic through the links you post, you’ll also benefit from the search engine backlinks you’ll create from your social media posts.

Your website will receive free traffic from these search engine listings over time.

2: Talk to people, chat back and forth, and be friendly!

Social engagement

One important thing to keep in mind is the fact that although your purpose for joining these social sites is primarily to market to the users, you still have to keep the social aspect intact.

In order to get the most out of your social marketing efforts, it’s imperative that you always remember to be social! You should interact exactly as you would if you weren’t marketing at all.

If you don’t keep this in mind, people aren’t going to respond to your offers. In fact, they’re going to learn to tune you out.

3: 75% social, 25% marketing

You should make sure that at least 75% of the messages you put out could be considered completely social.

Only a small percentage of your social posts should be sales pitches. This is very important when using social marketing. When in doubt, always err on the side of social! You don’t want to have your followers and visitors getting fed up with your constant pitching.

Also, remember that people tend to congregate around popular or charismatic people.

They buy from people they like and trust. And the easiest way to help people to trust you, is to socialize with them and make them like you personally. How can you do this?

There are many ways you can get people to like and engage with you on social media.

Let’s look at a few of the easiest ways:

  • Offer free information or gifts.
  • Help them out with questions or problems.
  • Bring humour into their lives.
  • Be there for them.
  • Listen to what they have to say.
  • Be supportive of their endeavours.
  • Reciprocate any favours quickly.

A little bribery never hurts!

Offering free gifts or great niche information is perhaps the best way to make people engage with you quickly. Offering useful freebies is a great way to get your name out there.

Answering questions and helping people who are having problems is a great way to get attention and build trust.

Your followers will more than likely be a very diverse group, so offending a few could have a ripple effect.

Make sure you listen to people and if they send out a message that appeals to you, let them know you’re listening to what they have to say.

4: If you want people to support your business efforts, you should also support theirs.

It’s the law of reciprocation. You do for me and I’ll do for you.

You don’t have to buy every product they post about, but you could certainly send out a message to your own friends and followers about it. Chances are they will see it and return the favour later.

If someone happens to send out a message about a product of yours, be sure to return the favour as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

If you do, they will be more likely to keep reciprocating with you in the future.

5: Try to be on the ball regarding news in your niche.

hot niche news

The difference in being successful or unsuccessful on social media, is down to how much effort you are ready to put into it.

One of the ways you can attract followers is by taking the time to keep bang up to date with news in your niche.

It doesn’t take long to set up Google Alerts or Mention, for instance, so you are informed of the latest news and views in your niche.

Make sure you set it up as soon as you can and you’ll have a constant daily stream of good content for your social media profiles.

How about new products and services in your niche?

Can you imagine the sales you can make if YOU are the first to tell your followers about the latest time saving, problem-solving products, they can grab before anyone else?

People love being the first to know about things and being in the loop with the latest ‘stuff’. Help them stay on the cutting edge and they’ll reward you.

6: Use quality resources and tools once you’re set up

There’s nothing wrong with a little help to keep you moving forward and expanding your empire, but choose your tools wisely.

You need to spend the time to set up your social media profiles yourself, to make sure they’re on point. Once you’ve done that, you can use tools to help you post relevant content links to various other social bookmarking sites, on a set schedule.

This will help you to get even more visitors from these backlinks.

You may need to keep tweaking and testing to get what you need, but the effort is well worth it in the long run.

And with that in mind . . .

Here are a few popular Social Media tools you can try.

Just head on over to each one and have a read. Remember, the more of your business you can automate . . . the better.


Hootsuite Social Media Tool

A complete social media management tool, Hootsuite lets you schedule posts across your social media accounts so you can always deliver timely information to your followers. Also includes some neat reporting so you can keep track of how your posts are performing.

Click Here To Visit Hootsuite


Mention Social Media Tool

Set up alerts for almost anything. Monitor mentions of your site, competitors, campaigns, or industry on websites and social media platforms across the internet so you can keep track of trends and join in conversations related to your business.

Click Here To Visit Mention



Want to know what kind of content is working for other people in your niche? BuzzSumo allows you search for any topic or website and see which content is generating the most buzz on social media at the moment.

Click Here To Visit BuzzSumo


Social media tools 1

Online software that allows you to bookmark your sites quickly across a number of social bookmarking sites. Free users can submit to 15 social bookmarking sites, with a limit of 10 submissions daily. Because they have their own pool of accounts you don’t need to create your own accounts.

Click Here To Visit IMAutomator

Social Marker

Social media tools 2

One of the original online social bookmarking services, this is more of a semi-automated solution and you will need to sign up for your own account at all the services involved. You can quickly distribute your bookmarks to 50 online social bookmarking sites.

Click Here To Visit Social Marker


Social media tools 3

With this service, you will be bookmarking other people’s sites, and in exchange you earn credits and other people will be bookmarking your site. SocialAdr is like a link exchange, but it’s an automated link exchange and all done using social bookmarks. Everything is automated, but you need to sign up for your own accounts.

Click Here To Visit SocialAdr


Social media tools 4

This completely automates your social bookmarking, but you need to create your own accounts and enter them into the service. If you want to use the service for free, you have to link back to their site from one of your sites. Their desktop application will run in the background to help you do social bookmarking submission.

Click Here To Visit OnlyWire

Social Monkee

Social media tools 5

A free online social bookmarking software which automatically creates accounts at 25 different social bookmarking sites for you. You can create 25 backlinks a day to one of your URL’s and if you refer 12 people, you get an upgrade to 100 URLs and 3 times a day for free.

Click Here To Visit Social Monkee

A quick summary . . .

Social media works when you do. In other words, you’ll get out of it exactly what you put in. It really is that simple.

If you think you can post a few crappy links every day and reap the profit whirlwind, I’m sorry but it simply ain’t gonna happen!

However, if you set aside a little time each day to update properly, with top quality links and info, you will be building an ongoing asset, which will reward you with a consistent stream of high quality targeted, ready to buy visitors.

Use the automation tools we’ve suggested to cut down your time once you’re set up, but always keep an eye on what’s happening on your profiles, ensuring the best experience possible for your visitors and you’ll easily build a profitable long-term business.

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