How To Turn Niche Forums And Blogs Into The Perfect Traffic Source

Posted by on 30 October, 2017

When you’re looking for reliable sources of traffic, there are a few ‘go to’ classics which have performed well in the past, are still producing results today, and are likely to continue to add value to your marketing efforts in the future.

These classics seem to drop in and out of favour, as new techniques become in vogue, but make no mistake, niche forums and blogs are still great places to source niche targeted visitors.

Think about it. They are full of people who are already interested in your niche.

They are reading about it, commenting on it, asking questions regarding it, and you know what?

They are BUYING stuff in it too!

buying online

You’ll see niche related ads and banners on most forums and blogs and the conversions can be very high, simply because the only people seeing the ad have already shown an interest in the niche.

So if they are clicking on links and ads, they are interested in buying related products.

Keep this in mind, as it’s incredibly important . . .

You should never rely on a single traffic source, no matter how great it is. You never know what’s going to happen online, so cover all your bases by developing numerous traffic streams.

If something happened to your single traffic source and you lost it, you’d have to start all over again, finding new reliable sources and setting them up. So it’s far better to find them now and save yourself a heap of trouble and frustration later.

The great thing about traffic sources is that there’s so many of them. Try them out, test them and see what results you get, if you are impressed, you can add the source to your traffic ‘portfolio’.

Before long you’ll have a great list of reliable sources which you have tested and proved they work for your particular site. Keep trying new ones as they arise and then if you happen to lose any of them, for whatever reason, you can simply add a new one in its place.

Ok, so now we’ve got that sorted, let’s have a look at Forum traffic and why it’s a great source of targeted visitors.

Forum Traffic

forum traffic

For almost every niche, there are forums online where people discuss the news, problems, successes, products, and issues that surround it. And they are great ways to get traffic.

You can find thousands of people interested in the very niche you’re promoting, on related forums. Because of this, you’re chances of making sales are good and all you have to do is use your website link in the signature box of your forum profile, once you’ve established yourself and proved your worth on the forum.

The process to attract visitors to your blog from these forums is very simple and anyone can do it.

Firstly, you need to find forums in your niche, so just type this into Google:

“your niche keyword name” +forum

You can see the results in the example below using the keyword weight loss.

forum traffic

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each forum will have its own rules, but usually you can’t just start posting and including blatant links for the sake of it. But you can usually have a link to your site in your signature.

But don’t worry because it’s easy to stay the right side of the rules:

  • Start by commenting on other people’s post.
  • Make relevant comments on different posts and offer help, suggestions or advice where possible.
  • You can also look for questions people are asking, then go and research the answer and post it.

You’re obviously interested in your niche, so you’ll be researching it and grabbing the latest news etc, so it’s easy to find useful info to post on these forums and blogs. Don’t try and sell at first in your posts, concentrate on helping others.

The more active you become with your posts, the more opportunities to sell will develop.

The more you do this and show your worth to other members, the more trust you’ll build and the more people will click on your signature links to visit your site.

You can even post regarding content on your own site, not just use your signature link, once you’re established and you’ve built up trust.

A great tactic once you’re established, is to offer a free valuable report via a sign-up page (squeeze page). This way, you are still giving something of value, but you can build your subscriber list too, which means you can continue to sell via your emails. (You can read our post about Email Marketing here.)

This also works with Blog traffic, which we’ll look at right now . . .

Blog Commenting Traffic

blog traffic

Commenting on blog posts is another great way of getting visitors to your site and getting backlinks. When you post a comment, most blogs allow you to leave a link back to your site for other readers to check out.

To find blogs in your niche, just type this into Google:

“your niche keyword name” +blog

You can see the results in the example below using the keyword weight loss.

Blog traffic

Just as with forum commenting, the trick is leaving a meaningful and hopefully useful comment. If you do, then people will click through and you’ll have extra visitors to your site.

And how many posts/blogs you comment on, will determine how many visitors you get. As just like most traffic sources, this is a numbers game.

So once again using the weight loss example, you could comment on weight loss blog posts across the web.

Look for blogs with a large readership, which you can determine from the number of comments etc.

Obviously, the more eyes on your comments the better, as it’s more potential click-throughs to your website.

Commenting on posts that interest you and you can offer good information on, is obviously the fastest way to proceed. Simply because you can write from memory and your own knowledge bank, so it’s quick and easy.

But keep in mind you can answer virtually any question on a blog by simply looking the answer up on Google.

Rewrite your answer and bingo, you have another link to your site out there and you’re continuing to show how helpful and useful you are on the blog.

Try not to just use one or two-word answers on all the posts as it just looks spammy and pointless.

You’re far better answering fewer posts, but making your answers meaty, useful and friendly, as you’ll become much more respected.

If your own blog is promoting weight loss products for instance, then it makes sense for you to answer weight loss posts, problems and questions.

Anyone interested in weight loss is much more likely to interact with you, join your subscriber list or buy through your links, than someone who isn’t directly switched onto your niche.

It’s all about finding targeted visitors and directing them to your website/blog, where they can see your content and affiliate links.

visitors from blogs

It really is that simple, so the more you can post on forums and blogs, the more chance you have of attracting these targeted visitors.

Try to comment as quickly as possible when new blog posts go up. The higher in the comments you are the more clicks you’ll get.

Let’s summarise . . .

So basically, niche specific forums and blogs can be great sources of targeted visitors, as long as you approach this sensibly.

When you first join a forum or blog, focus on being helpful. Comment on as many great posts as you can and don’t promote anything straight away.

Once you’re established and acknowledged as a good member, then you can begin promoting affiliate products (or your own) and you should be fine. Once you begin promoting, don’t stop posting the useful stuff, but continue with a mixture of info and promo’s.

Be sure to read and abide by the forum’s rules, as the last thing you want to happen is that you end up getting banned for some offence that you did not realize was an offence.

Try hard to become a useful member of the forum and once you are very reputable, you could end up tapping into a huge stream of traffic.

Remember, you are paving the way to free traffic by putting in a little work right now. Enjoy it, get involved, post useful stuff and the traffic will come.

It’s a good idea to try as many forums as you can handle and as you go along you’ll see which ones are working the best for you. Then you can up your efforts on the successful ones, to ensure your traffic continues to grow.