20 Simple Social Media Content Ideas

Posted by on 6 November, 2017

If social media marketing is something you’ve never really embraced, you really should consider it. 

Just look at how many people are using the most popular social media sites (according to Statista):

  • Facebook = 1.8 Billion active users
  • WhatsApp = 1 Billion users
  • Instagram = 600 Million users
  • Tumblr = 550 Million users
  • Twitter = 317 Million users

Imagine how many potential customers are lurking amongst those billions of users! But, the amount of traffic you can attract to your site isn’t the only great thing . . .

Here are 3 more big Social Media Marketing benefits:

  • Social media marketing allows you to engage in a steady conversation with your visitors, gather a heap of feedback and make informed decisions about what works well for your business.
  • It doesn’t matter if you have your own products or if you’re an affiliate, you need to build your social media profiles and post regularly, so your audience will become engaged with you.
  • You can send people from your social media posts to your websites or landing pages, and you can use a squeeze page to collect emails and build a list of subscribers.

Problem is, coming up with ideas for social media content can be difficult for many people. They run out of ideas and their profiles become stale and boring.

If that sounds like you, don’t despair, we have 20 brilliant content ideas for your social media profiles that mean you’ll never be stuck for ideas again.

It’s all about using a wide variety of content which is interesting and useful for your visitors. The more variation you can have, the better, as it is more likely to keep your visitors engaged.

social media content

Keep things up to date, fresh, useful, interesting and valuable and you’ll see people engaging with you.

Social media can be one of the best traffic sources on the planet, but just like anything else online, you have to put a little effort into it to make it work properly.

Get it right and you can have a massive audience ready to interact with you.

The following 20 social content ideas will give you a ton of great content ideas you can start using today.

20 Social Content Ideas to Engage Your Audience

1. Links to Your Blog Posts

Every time you post on your blog or website, make sure you post a link to your social media profiles and you’ll attract clicks to your site.

The great thing about this is the fact you are getting multiple uses from each piece of content.You can also link to older blog posts if they are still relevant, to give you more content to link to.

2. Sales, Coupons & Promotions

We all know everybody loves a deal. Try keeping your visitors excited with special offers, discounts and promotions to people who are connected with you on social media.

Not only will this keep them coming back for more offers, but it’s a great way to attract more sales.

3. Product Photos

These can either be pictures of the product itself or of your employees or customers using it.  Ask your customers to submit photos of their family engaged in an activity related to your business.

For instance, a restaurant may ask for photos of their customers eating at their establishment.

By making your customers feel like reality stars, you’ll attract more loyal followers and impressively boost overall social engagement.  Not only that, but sometimes, “seeing is believing.”

So posting images of your physical products can really entice people to buy.

4. Ask for Product Feedback, Testimonials, and Reviews

social media reviews

Be open and honest by simply asking your customers to tell you what they think about your business on social media. They’ll trust you more for it.

Don’t get too caught up thinking about negative reviews. In our experience, most reviews tend to skew on the positive side.

Ask your best customers to say a few words about you, your staff, your products, and your services.

5. Offer Tips, Tutorials, and How-To’s

Post quick tips in written, picture, or video form to help your audience with specific actions related to your product or service. You can probably think of a thousand things your customers and potential customers struggle with; help them out with a series of content to make their lives easier.

For instance, a yoga instructor may offer tips to help customers choose the best yoga mat or best retreat destinations, and offer their affiliate link straight to the page they can buy it!

6. Infographics

Infographics are all the rage right now, as they offer usable, condensed info on a subject. Search for Infographics related to your industry and share them.

You can even create your own infographics to share and there are a number of websites which now cater for this, such as Piktochart

Your audience will love your infographics and share them with others as well.  For instance, a small day-care may post a flowchart depicting different ways to handle a three-year-old’s tantrum.  There is a ton of info available that can be turned into an infographic.

7. Curate Content from Other Sources

In order to have a well-rounded content marketing strategy and social media presence, content curation is a necessity. Curation simply means legally using other people’s content on your own site.

Not only will this keep things exciting for your audience, but it will also alleviate you from the task of constantly creating original content, which can be exhausting to say the least.

It also allows you to stay up to date with what’s going on in your industry and be a part of the conversation.

8. Post a Variety of Videos

social media videos

You don’t have to get in front of the camera. You can record a Powerpoint presentation and post that.

These can either be your own videos or other people’s. You can create your own with your smartphone, cam or outsource them cheaply. You can also repost other people’s video from Youtube or other video sites.

Wherever you get them from, make sure they are perfect for your niche and offer MASSIVE value to your visitors.

Tips videos, offering ‘secret’ tips in your niche go down well. You should focus predominantly on valuable tip type videos, but you can mix a few amusing or entertaining ones in too.

9. Give Away an eBook

Perfect for building a list of subscribers! Offer a valuable report/ebook as a lead magnet, showcase it on social media and have a link to your email capture/squeeze page where they can input their email.

It’s easy to decide what to give away, simply look at the most important problems and tasks in your niche and choose one to offer a solution for.

You can include your affiliate link to a relevant product, within the report.

10. Answer FAQs

questions on social media

Hold Q & A sessions where you answer your fans and followers questions related to your industry.  They will appreciate the fact that you are taking out the time to give them free, valuable advice.

Also, before you hold the Q & A, try to anticipate some of the questions your customers may ask and have the answers ready to go.

It’s OK to be reactive and actually answer questions as they come, but customers are impressed when you proactively predict what they want to know and post the solutions for them.

11. Post Fun Stuff

Sometimes, you should just post something light-hearted. If you’re not comfortable posting anything humorous, try something inspirational.

Try and reserve these posts to simply fill in times in between your regular posts.

For the most part, keep your content focused and related to your industry.

12. Conduct Surveys and Polls

Whether you simply want some feedback on how they feel about a certain product, or you are looking to get information to help you create the perfect new product, just ask them.

How would they make your products better? What kinds of products would they like to see in the future? You may be surprised with at the extremely valuable insight you get from your social media audience.

There are many different types of tools and software out there to help make this process simple. As a result, you can gain valuable insight to what your audience is thinking about any topic imaginable.

13. Reply to Your Audience

questions on social media

You’re Social Media audience are your potential customers. Treat them that way.

It may be hard to believe, but some businesses don’t respond to their social media audience’s posts at all.  Make sure to keep the conversation going.

Reply to ALL of your customer comments. It can be time-consuming, but responsiveness is critical to your brand’s reputation.

Set a goal for how quickly you respond to customers. Your turnaround time should be dictated by the nature of the post. For example, you’ll want to respond to a customer grievance promptly, to make sure they’re happy and spend some time to respond to other comments.

Some business owners are petrified by the idea of receiving real-time negative feedback about their products and services on a public stage.

But when you stand behind your brand and display your ability to provide world-class customer service, responding to customer headaches will actually put your business in a positive light.

14. Make Product & Service

Recommendations. Is there another great company, product, or service out there that works hand-in-hand with yours? Tell your audience about them and what they bring to the table.

Is there something in your office you can’t live without? Recommend it to your followers to make their lives easier too.

Your audience will appreciate your opinion, which will build trust and loyalty with them over time.

15. Post Podcasts

Create an audio series on a single topic and post a link to it your social media sites.  Many people love having the option to listen to content vs. reading it.

You can also turn some of your written blog posts into recorded mp3 files and make them available to your social media followers. Also, you can share other businesses’ podcasts with your audience as well.

16. Post Quotes

motivational quotes

A great way to fill your editorial calendar is to have a designated day of the week (or every two weeks) to post a quote. These don’t have to be business related, they can be motivational, funny, etc.

You can also find an industry leader, entrepreneur, or business guru you admire and follow his or her blog.

Post the snippets and quotes you think will be most meaningful to your customers.There are several sites on the web that specialize in quotes on various themes.

17. Share Product Reviews

If you’re an affiliate chances are you have product reviews on your blog. Share these via social media as reviews are always popular and they also convert into sales well.

A huge proportion of your audience will be in the market for niche related products and your in-depth reviews could be the thing which pushed them over the edge and into buying.

18. Clear Up Myths and Misunderstandings

Post a common industry myth and give your take.

A dog breeder may debunk common fears regarding Pit Bulls and post a series of videos featuring his or her furry friends and facts about the breed. To keep this conversation going, you can do a quick search for related articles and follow-up by posting the additional content.

19. Offer Your Expert Opinions

If there’s a debatable topic related to your industry, your audience would love to hear how you feel about it.  So let them know. This is a great way to build authority status in your niche and gain more social media fans and followers along the way.

20. Interview an Expert

expert interview

If there’s another expert in your industry that could potentially bring value to your fans and followers, conduct an interview with them and share it on social media.  This can be done in video, podcast, or even written format.  

The key is that the expert has some relevant, useful content to share.


As a product owner or affiliate you simply can’t get enough traffic to your money sites. Social media can help to funnel visitors from your profiles to your website. And it’s free, unless of course you decide to ‘Boost’ your posts with a paid campaign, which is another option.

The trick is getting as many followers as possible and posting consistent, high value info to actually helps your visitors overcome the problems they may be having in your niche.

The more you post high quality, varied content to your social media profiles, the more interest you’ll build and your traffic will start to grow.

Keep at it and have your own schedule for what and when to post and by spending a little time each day right now, you’ll be building a targeted traffic grabbing asset for the future.