10 Steps To Sales Letters That Convert Browsers Into Buyers

Posted by on 5 December, 2017

In this post, I’m going to show you 10 simple steps to ensure your sales letters do what they’re supposed to do. Sell your product!

It’s not difficult to write a decent sales letter, but many people who are new to selling their own products rush it and presume that, as their product is wonderful, their visitors will fall in love with it immediately and they’ll be rushing to the checkout.

Sorry, but no.

Sales copy takes years to learn how to write properly. It needs to be persuasive and use specific psychological triggers to guide the viewer towards the buy button.

how to write a salespage

Sales pages are much easier to get right when you follow our simple steps

However, there are certain principles you can use when you write, that will help to structure your page, in the same way professional Copywriters do.

The great thing is, it’s easy to learn enough to make a huge difference to your conversion rates, really quickly. 

The following tips are based on years of copywriting experience and testing, distilled down into just the most important, conversion increasing parts.

10 simple steps to transform your sales page from humdrum to home run, by turning more of your visitors into buyers:

1. Your sales letter needs a headline at the top of the page.

You need to grab your visitors’ attention the second they hit your page and you can do this with a big, bold headline. If you don’t immediately answer the question ‘What’s in it for me?’, your visitors will click away in a heartbeat.

Don’t be shy, tell them why they need your product in their life, with a benefit-driven headline. Products are simply solutions to problems, so what problem does yours solve?

Does it save time, save money, save effort, rid them of repetitive tasks, make them sexier, slimmer, healthier, happier, more relaxed, etc etc. Tell them clearly and quickly.

2. Push The Benefits Not The Features.

sell the benefits

You need to talk about your customers, rather than yourself.

Explain how the product will benefit them, just like in the headline. You need to continue doing this throughout your page. The more you convince your visitors that your product ticks all their boxes and offers a complete solution, the more you’ll sell.

This is one of the most important principles of persuasive copy.

In fact, it’s so important, you should click here to read our article titled ‘Discover How To Use Product Benefits, To Drive Up Your Conversions’ where we go into much more detail and provide specific examples of this.

3. Use bullets.

Bullets are great for summarising multiple benefits. They work well directly under the headline, to explain the biggest benefits of your product immediately.

People look for them, as they’re easy to read and offer small, useful chunks of information. They also break up your copy and make the page look much more readable.

Here’s a HUGE bullet point tip. They are much easier to write if you follow a feature with the benefit of that feature. Like this:

  • PRODUCT NAME contains 5 proven fat burners in one specialised formula . . . which means you don’t have the hassle of paying for, organising and taking multiple supplements every day.
  • PRODUCT NAME only contains the most bioavailable nutrients for easy absorption . . . which means you won’t waste your money on nutrients that your body can’t actually use and you’ll enjoy the results of full-fat burning power.
  • PRODUCT NAME only uses safe, proven and tested natural ingredients . . . which means you have complete peace of mind and can truly enjoy your weight loss, without enduring nasty health problems caused by the supplement.

See what I mean? This is the perfect way to use bullets, as each one offers a separate benefit and therefore selling point.

4. Use a Call To Action (CTA).

CTA for conversions

Tell your visitors what you want them to do right now

A CTA is simply where you tell your visitor exactly what you want them to do, so you’re ‘calling them into action’.

They are usually button based, with ‘Buy Now’, ‘Add to cart’ or ‘Click here to get started’ on them. You’ve seen them on virtually every online sales page and the main CTA will be at the bottom of the page where you ask for the sale.

However, you can use them throughout the page, such as directly under your first section of headline and benefit-riddled bullets.

Depending on the visitor, that could be enough to convince them, they’re in a hurry and don’t want to scroll for the cart button, so don’t make them. CTA’s are simple but powerful because when you tell your visitor what to do, your conversions go up.

Try CTA’s such as ‘Click Here Right Now To Get Started’, as the ‘click here right now’ part is the instruction and you’ll be using human psychology in your favour.

5. Write in a conversational tone.

Write as if you’re talking to a friend. Conversational copy can really boost conversions, as it comes across much more natural than ‘corporate’ copy. You still need to push the benefits and sell, but a relaxed, friendly tone can draw people in.

Don’t worry too much about perfect grammar, as you don’t think about that stuff when you talk. It’s not an English exam, it’s salescopy.

6. Choose your imagery carefully.

You’ll probably want images on your sales page, so choose them with care.

You can use a ‘hero shot’ of your product near the top of your page and add more pictures of your product being used, by happy smiling people where possible, as it will help conversions.

A visual representation of your guarantee, like a certificate, looks good, and add any trust badges or professional membership emblems you have to build trust. A photo of yourself builds trust too.

7. Create a sense of urgency.

Time is Running Out

Once again it’s important to tell your visitors what to do and telling them to hurry can work wonders.

If you have genuinely low stock, you won’t be re-stocking, or the price is time-limited say it loudly as these all create a sense of urgency for your visitor and can help close the sale NOW.

8. Give your visitors some space.

Whitespace that is, as whitespace sells. Or rather, the lack of it puts your visitors off your page, as blocky, long text doesn’t look inviting to read.

Short paragraphs of text, surrounded by plenty of white space, out-converts overwhelming text every time.

And no, it’s not a waste of space, because it can help you sell more than the words that you would be tempted to cram into it.

Also, use shorter words rather than longer ones, as it’s not about showing how clever you are, it’s about making sure ALL your visitors can understand you.

9. Don’t overdo bold type and colours.

It will kill the look of your page if you use more than a couple of different fonts. The same goes for your colour scheme, so don’t go wild with it.

Also, don’t write your headlines using all capital letters as it’s too ‘shouty’. You need to appeal to the largest number of people possible, so play it safe, simple and attractive.

10. Ask a friend to proofread your sales copy.

salepages step by step

When you’ve finished your sales page, make sure you read it through a few times and correct any spelling mistakes so you’re happy with it.

Then get someone else you trust to proofread it a few times, to ensure its good to go.


Everything you’ve just read is common sense when you think about it. The job of your sales page is simply to persuade as many of your visitors as possible to buy your product or service.

You do this by grabbing their attention immediately and keeping them glued to your words until they click the buy button.

Explain the features and sell the hell out of the benefits of your product.  Add relevant imagery which helps put the product in a good light and always use CTA’s throughout your page, with the main one at the bottom of your page.

Follow the simple steps laid out above and you’ll be well on your way to writing sales pages that actually sell day in, day out for the foreseeable future so you can get on with developing your next product.


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