How To Write Product Reviews That Make People Buy

Posted by on 27 December, 2017

One of the easiest ways to make money from an affiliate website is to write product reviews. They are relatively simple to write and they convert visitors into customers amazingly well.

And just in case you’re unconvinced about the popularity of review sites, check out these consumer statistics:

  • 83% of consumers say that product reviews influence their online purchasing decisions.
  • 70% of online shoppers actively seek out product reviews before they buy.
  • More than half of US online shoppers surveyed read user reviews as part of their product research.
  • Nearly 9 of 10 US online buyers read reviews at least “some of the time” before making a purchase.

Because of statistics like these, you can be sure that your review site, if you follow our instructions, will make money for you.

Just keep in mind that you don’t have to sell the product . . . that’s the merchants’ job.

All you have to do is pre-sell and create enough interest in one of the products to get the visitor to click on the link and visit the merchants’ site.

It’s not difficult to write a product review

First of all just think to yourself, what do people generally want to know regarding a product?

You can describe the product in detail and include the size, features, number of pages, ordering process, delivery/package details, benefits, expected results, and your specific results if you’ve used it.

People also want to know that the product is worth the price being charged and exactly what they’ll get if they order this product right now.

To make this easy for you, use the info from the merchant site and just re-write bits of it. It’s all there waiting for you!

Just as an example, below you can see a screenshot of part of the homepage for a ‘learn to play the guitar’ product.

writing product reviews

Use this info to write your review. It tells you exactly what the customer will learn in the course. And that’s exactly what the customer wants to know!

This way, you’ll also ensure that the info you give on your site matches that on the merchant site.

This is important as you don’t want the customer to be confused – confused people don’t buy!

Product review benefits

You can see the great info in the screenshot above from the same sales page. It lists all the benefits of the product and you can use this info on your review site.

Make sure you use an image and/or video of the product or product website in your review.

This helps your visitor connect your review with the product or need that they are researching, and draws them into your content.

The merchants’ website will usually have lots of great promo images and sometimes a video or two, maybe video testimonials. Some will also have before & after pictures.

Think of your review as a shortened sales page. Pick out all the best info and re-write to form your product review.

Use video reviews too

You can make short video reviews, either facing the camera and talking, or by using something like Powerpoint to make a slide-based video review.

Written reviews will help you to rank your site in the search engines, so it’s best to use video as well as (rather than instead of) these. Have a short summary review on video and link it to your full product review.

You can upload your videos to Youtube, to attract more visitors to your site.

Who is this product for and who is this product NOT for?

targeted visitors

No product is perfect for everyone, so don’t sell it that way. Be sure to describe the ideal buyer in a way that makes sure the right people buy the right product.

Obviously reading your review will help people to decide IF the product is right for them.

So taking our example of ‘learn to play guitar’ products, if one of the products is for advanced users for instance, mention it in your review.

Or maybe one of the courses is delivered on a DVD so you have to wait to get started. Another one might be instant download or have all the info and videos in a members area.

The thing is, if you give as much accurate info as possible, once your visitor clicks through to the merchant site, there won’t be any surprises for them and they are more likely to buy.

People need proof that the product does what it says it does

The more proof you can offer that the product works, the better.

Testimonials from other customers are great proof, as are awards or recommendations from industry authorities and positive reviews from other sites.

Photos or videos showing the product in more detail, along with any scientific proof or results of tests work well.

Include a few product ‘negatives’ where possible

When you mention any negatives regarding the product, it will help to make your review objective and far more believable.

So if one of the products takes up more space than the others, it has less of a guarantee or you get less of it than the other products, mention it in your review.

Immediately follow up the negative with the solution or the reason why the negative didn’t deter YOU or others from making the purchase.

Always include a ‘Call-to-Action’


Don’t just expect your visitors to click through to the merchant site, no matter how great your review is.

You need to guide them!

Use a ‘call-to-action’ which can just be a statement telling your reader exactly what they should do next. Our review sites use call to action buttons, but you can add your own links in your review text as you get used to all this.

Make sure you check out the landing page/home page for each product. Check to see what you can mention in the ‘call-to-action’.

For example, there could be a video showing the results of the product. So your ‘call-to-action’ could be ‘Click here to see the product in action’.

So they are not just clicking, they have a reason to click . . . which in this case would be more proof.

Mention any bonuses offered with the product

If the product includes bonuses, mention them in your review.

Bonuses can make the sale. If a customer is torn between two products and was has a set of great free bonuses, it can swing them into clicking the Buy Now button.

Does the merchant offer support?

If they do, tell your visitors. This can be very important for many people. They need to know if they get stuck with something, or have a problem, the merchant will help them.

Is the product guaranteed?

risk free guarantee

This is important because it removes risk for potential buyers.If they know their purchase is guaranteed and they can get their money back, they are more likely to buy.

So, mention the guarantee in your review. 

Go online and look at some review sites yourself

Finally, go online and see what looks good and appeals to you. Don’t skip this because the better your reviews are, the more they’ll convert into sales.

And let’s face it, once your reviews are written, that’s it.

Of course you can update your site later with more testimonials, etc, but this isn’t hard work and your small amount of work will pay you for years to come.

So, now you know the secrets to writing a great review that really will make people buy.

It’s a good idea to write lots of product reviews for your site, as they really do attract visitors, it’s easy to define your keywords, and there are a ton of products in every niche.

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