Never Be Stuck For Content Again With These 20 Brilliant Blog Post Ideas

Posted by on 8 January, 2018

Whether you have a blog, a website you need content for, or you’re just looking for ideas for social media posts, these 20 ideas will really save you from getting stuck.

Your first few posts are easy enough to come up with ideas for, but when you need content week in, week out, you need a constant stream of creative ideas to keep up.

The following list of 20 content ideas will keep your site fresh and updated, with plenty of varied content ideas to keep your visitors engaged.

20 Brilliant Blog Post Ideas

1. Write a ‘How To’ post

People search online for information. They’re looking for solutions to problems. Help them with walkthroughs, or step-by-step tutorials and you’ll breed raving fans.

If you think about it, virtually every ebook for sale is a tutorial for something, so free, in-depth info on a specific niche is always popular. Fill your blog with this kind of content and you’ll always have visitors.

2. Shoot a video of your own

video blogging

If you don’t mind appearing on video, it can be a great trust builder. People love to see a blogger’s face rather than just read their words and you’re more likely to build a rapport with your audience.

And remember, trust and rapport will both help you sell more.

You could record yourself explaining something, just like in a post, sharing a niche story, a new product, or a successful technique. In other words, anything you would normally write about, you can speak about on a video.

Alternatively, you can use PowerPoint to make your slides and talk over it or add music, then convert it into a video. That way if you’re shy, you don’t have to appear in person.

3. Write a post for newbies

Newbies have lots of questions they need answering, as everything is obviously new to them. Help them by answering the questions that beginners often ask.

This is a great way to lead them to your own problem-solving product or affiliate product.

4. Have a good ramble

Sometimes it’s great to just talk aimlessly and passionately about your subject. Include some real food for thought and actionable tips and you’ll have a great post.

5. Share an informative or shocking YouTube video

You obviously keep up-to-date in your niche, so when you come across really useful videos . . . share them.

When you offer something useful for free, people tend to warm to you, making them more likely to buy something. There are millions of videos on Youtube and it’s worthwhile having a good look for a few hours a week, finding the best videos in your niche.

6. Bust a Myth

post ideas

Are there any commonly held beliefs in your niche, which simply aren’t true? Expose them! People love to feel they’re ‘In the know’ and have info others don’t.

7. Tell an entertaining and educational story

Have you got an interesting or entertaining story based on something to do with your niche? Tell you readers about it.

8. Q&A post

List and answer the most popular questions in your niche. What do people need to know, what are the options, outcomes, first steps, etc?

The more you can help them with, the more likely they’ll become a customer.

9. Solve a problem

If there are issues that people in your niche struggle with, write about them, examine them, and give your readers the solutions they need. If you can tie this into an affiliate product you’re promoting, even better.

10. Top X Lists

People like lists as they are easy to read and benefit from. You can have things such as “Top 10 ways to get traffic to your blog”, “Best 20 WP themes for 2018” or “5 best health affiliate programs”.

11. Comment on a news event in your niche

website content ideas

People love to keep up with the latest news in their niche

People like to read different interpretations of news events, so keep your finger on the pulse in your niche and look out for news you can report on.

Give your view, offer advice, tell them what to do, and so on and you’ll build fans who will spend money with you.

12. Review a product

Product reviews are some of the best content you can have on your website. Millions of people are looking for reviews on various products and, the important thing is, if someone is looking for a product review, they are very close to buying.

13. Blog about a personal experience

Did you try something that worked exceptionally well, or failed terribly? Does it directly relate to something your visitors are doing or might be doing? Tell them about it.

14. Make an audio recording

Blog content ideas

Try sharing your message as an MP3 recording rather than typed text and you might engage with more of your visitors. Many people want to listen rather than read and maybe play the recording in the car.

Give your visitors options and they’ll be more likely to engage with you.

15. Give away an eBook

You can use ebooks for more than one purpose. You could have one as a free download for joining your subscriber list, or a simple link to download from a page on your website.

You can even build a page of downloadable ebooks to give your visitors more choice. Make sure you have your affiliate links in them, or giving them away won’t gain you much.

However, if you have your links in there and tell the people you give the ebook to that they can also give it away, lots of copies of your links will be out there.

16. Analyze someone else’s failure

It’s important to know what went wrong, as well as what went right. Why did company X or project Y fail? What were the key mistakes?

Discuss these on your blog and highlight what can be learnt from these examples.

17. Write a post designed to be inspirational

content ideas

You can help people by giving them inspiration or motivation

Your blog needs lots of really useful info that can help your visitors reach their goals in the niche. However, you can write something inspirational or motivating.

Sometimes people need a little help to get started or keep moving forward, and inspirational posts can really help.

18. Write ‘Update’ posts

The format for ‘update’ posts is basically ‘how it used to be, how it is today’. For example, “X used to work in the past, but with the recent changes in the market, you really need to do Y to get the same effects.”

This makes for really useful info, as people may not be aware that things have changed.

19. Write a follow-up on your most popular posts

It’s a great idea to keep adding more content to your most popular posts. You can add new points, updates, etc and your posts will keep growing in length. And that’s good for your search engine results.

Google loves long, updated content, simply because its users do.

20. Post an infographic

Infographics are incredibly popular now, as they are a great way to display and share info. Try listing statistics, data, and information, then put it in an attractive graphical form.

Infographics can also go viral, as many people share them because they are so useful and digestible.

Summary . . .

You need constant new content for your blog and these 20 ideas can really help give you direction when you’re running out of ideas.

Constant, regular, quality content is incredibly important to attract both the search engines and in turn, targeted visitors, who will hopefully spend their money with you.

Try some of these yourself and keep rolling out the most successful. You’ll never be stuck again.