Get It Right With Our Useful 15 Point Social Media Marketing Checklist

Posted by on 24 January, 2018

Social Media is one of the main ways to engage with your potential audience and, best of all, it’s free.

Getting epic results, however, is never going to happen unless you use it correctly. You can’t just throw ads up and expect a stampede of new leads because it’s not going to happen.

You need to approach social media marketing wisely.

People do not go on social media to buy, they go to communicate, engage with other people and have fun.

This means you have to find ways to engage your audience and allow the sales to come naturally.

If you’re new to this or need a helping hand, don’t worry, you can learn from the most successful businesses on social media with our useful Social Media Marketing Checklist.

Social Media Marketing Checklist

1: Provide Value

Provide value to your followers

Value is everything to your followers. It keeps them coming back.

The single most important way to gain followers and keep them is to give them something to make following you valuable and worth the time.

If you consistently put in the effort to do this, people will follow you and some of them will engage and buy.

2: Don’t Just Promote

Don’t just post about how good your business is and how important it is that your readers buy what you’re promoting.

Promote by all means, but not in every other post. Make sure you have more value than sales pitches. Nobody wants to be sold to every time they visit one of your profiles.

Don’t treat people like leads, treat them like human beings with the same interest as you. Treat them like you want to help them solve their problem.

3: Post What YOU Would Want to Read

You’re in your niche too, so what would you like to read?

If it’s interesting or useful to you, chances are, it will be to a percentage of your audience too.

This will also save you time searching for info, as you can post the things you find useful or entertaining while you’re browsing online yourself.

4: Learn How to Create Titles That Grab Attention

Titles and headlines need to grab attention and raise curiosity.

Don’t presume just because you post it, your followers will read it. Make it exciting!

Look at what other people in your niche are doing on social media, to give you a constant stream of new ideas to try. Always try and put your own spin on things, however, so you’re unique and you stand out.

5: Always Deliver on Your Promise

Keep your promises

Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

If you are telling your readers you are going to post something on a certain date or time, make sure you do.

If you are telling them something will yield a certain result, make sure it does. Dishonesty or exaggeration turns readers off.

6: Make Your Followers Feel Important

Talk about your brand in a passionate way and make your subscribers feel like a part of an important ‘movement’ of some kind.

Thank them regularly for their loyalty too! People like being treated with respect and being made to feel valued and are more likely to respond to your marketing as they believe in you.

7: Promote Your Social Media on Your Blog

Your blog promotion and social promotion should be synergistic, so people see you as a brand.

You’ll look far more professional and trustworthy that way.

And with all the plugins and tools available for social media, it’s not difficult to share everything between your online profiles and properties.

8: Learn to Sell the Lifestyle

Show the lifestyle that your customers want.

If you’re in the make money niche, for instance, you need to look successful yourself. Think about your image and how you present yourself, along with the general imagery you use.

People want to make money to free themselves from the daily grind, so wealth based images work well.

If you’re promoting in the health market, lots of images of radiant, healthy people and before and after shots will help to build desire for that particular lifestyle.

9: Respond and Engage

Social media is a communication tool first and foremost, so make sure you actually respond to comments and questions or you’ll soon lose followers.

Set some time aside every day so you can keep engaged with your followers. Time spent doing this is never wasted and will pay off in time.

10: Be Consistent

post consistenly

Being consistent also makes it easier for you to stay organised.

Once you have created a successful pattern, stick to it.

You can grow your marketing from a successful base for more profits. Don’t consistently chop and change your branding and layouts etc. If something works well, keep going with it and expand from there.

If something is popular, it means your followers are telling you that’s the kind of thing they want, so give them more of it.

11: Experiment With Different Types of Content

It’s not just about info, links to other posts or pitches, you need to diversify your content, to keep your followers engaged and entertained.

Funny memes, quotes, videos, quizzes or even games can all keep your audience hooked.

12: Be Everywhere

Don’t just focus on one social media channel, use multiple different channels to ‘be everywhere’.

Then your audience will see your popularity and reach and be more likely to trust you.

13: Take Advantage of New Technologies

Live video streaming is big right now, which means you have new opportunities for interesting, engaging content.

Don’t miss it and keep your eyes open for more opportunities like this in the future.

Contests and other events help to get people more engaged and involved and they can also lead to more shares and promotion for your channel.

14: Offer Discounts

Social media discounts

The one type of self-promotion that is also providing value is a genuine discount.

Make sure it is exclusive and appealing and don’t make people jump through hoops to get it.

People love discounts as they get a buzz from a deal. Discounts can also help to bring new customers in, who may keep coming back and buy more stuff.

15: Automate

Not the whole thing, but the parts that you can.

There are a ton of automated posting tools for instance that can help cut down the monotonous stuff.

Obviously, you need to take care of the post content, but you can line up some content ahead of time and automate the posting of it.

In Summary . . .

There you have it. Not difficult right? It’s all just common sense really.

Don’t just promote, help, inform, educate and entertain and you’ll build raving fans who you can sell to over and over again.

Time spent taking care of your followers will reap rewards both immediately and further down the road, as your momentum builds.

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